Name; Deanna Tweed
age; 23 
likes; ice cream, the summer, fairytales, pop music, bubble gum, vodka, Marlboros, stealing, lying, men
dislikes; authority figures, herself, people better than her, shrinks, school, her mother
bio; Deanna is a troubled girl. One moment, she’s as sweet as the sugar in your tea, your loyal best friend, and the girl who is blissfully naïve and perhaps lacking a few IQ points. A few minutes later, she’s a depressed albeit cunning sociopath who tortures small animals for fun and sleeps around with multiple men. Deanna swears nothing’s wrong with her, even though she calls her two personalities “Anya” (the sweet one) and “Lucille” (the evil one). Her mother, business mogul Claire Tweed, has taken her to see multiple shrinks yet none seem to really understand Deanna’s mental illness. She’s been diagnosed with OCD, depression, schizophrenia, kleptomania, a bipolar disorder, and now, a multiple personality disorder. People say her personalities have let her get away with things, killing her ex-boyfriend for one, plus drugging her sexy English professor to sleep with him and stealing her grandmother’s moo-lah. It’s a surprise she’s not in some asylum, because she has already broken out of 15 of them with her killer hacking skills. Spend a night with Deanna, and you won’t ever forget it. But the roots of her identity problem? The answes are a long-lost love, a traumatic childhood experience, and her personal identity crisis. Also, Deanna keeps a diary that if lost will expose all of her secrets she knows. But deep inside is a girl dying, wishing that someone would notice her pain and actually understand her and not hate her like everyone else does. 
model; Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen 
based on; Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
taken by; emilie-ethereal


Gunshot. I pull the trigger as I blow on my cigarette smoke. Beautiful. "Bye bye, lover," I whisper underneath my breath, drawing my blonde locks against his face. He breathes and looks up at me. I know it's time for his last words, although it's such a shame I'm the one to hear them.

"Deanna... why did you have to do this to me?" He whispers with a weak heart.

"Don't be silly. I've always been excellent with revenge," I press my hand to his slowly beating heart, kissing him one last time as his heart stops beating. And he's gone, just like that. Another body to decompose to the soil. And guess what? He deserved it. I thought he understood me, but no, he was like the rest of them. He cheated on me with that bimbo. Well, this is what he got.

A figure lurks from the shadows of a dimly-lit parking lot in Gotham City. "Brad, honey?" Her melodious voice trails across the open lot, echoing everywhere in the night. Silly girl, dressed in pearls and a skimpy dress, last season's heels for a promise of a romantic dinner with her /dead/ boyfriend. Suddenly she stops. Emotions flood her, she reasons with the everyday. With tears running down her eyes she can't believe what's happening. "Why did you do that?" She screams, looking at my gun and my bloody hands. "Brad! Wake up!" 

She turns to me, with a vicious look. "You. You did this. I should have known better. Why did I trust you. You're a psycho. I hate you! Go die in a hole, you jealous b-tch." 

Suddenly, tears stream down my cheeks. I was a monster. No, I am a monster. An ugly, jealous monster. Oh god, Brad. I'm so sorry. I look at the girl and try to hug her. "I'm so sorry, please," I sob. She pushes me to the cement and my arm starts bleeding. "I am," I cry. 

She sighs, as she presses the numbers on her cell phone for 911. "Damn, no connection. Help me, somebody!" 

I can't handle it any longer. What have I done? What am I capable of? Why am I like this? I am scared and terrified. Brad is dead. He was the only one who I loved in the universe, the one who let me dwell in the present. That's it. I can't stand it any longer, being in the same place as a dead body. I run out of the parking lot, hearing my heels click on the floor. Damn, one of them broke! I run barefoot. 

I find refuge in an alley way, dark at night. It's scary and some old homeless man will mol-est me while I'm asleep, but I deserve it. I sit by a trashcan overfilled with cigarettes and condoms. This is where I spent that night, looking at the stars even though they were quite sparse at Gotham City. Wondering what I had done. Wondering what happened to me. I was a living h-ll. Because the stars in the sky only shone so bright, and there were always the murders and the horrible, cruel people who looked at them every night.

1. Deanna Tweed
2. Kat Hollis
3. Rachelle Tate
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