Be good if someone just read it ...
 Firstly,Sorry for almost my polyfriends who not likes this.
1.To someone who always sending fashion group invite i said no group invite on my profile likes an age ago do you denied to read it.
2.I don’t used Twitter/Facebook/Chat online and thanks for someone found my official blog on amebo Japan and following me, don’t come to sending your page in my comments&mail box..
Someone even did weird things tagged your name under my set ? Don’t ,not get it ,not respond too.
3.To someone who always promote your blog every type of blog stop do it,I don't have time to following ppl..specially where you promote can find cheap cloth to buy ,get free cloth etc and most of them an international,US,UK you see I living in Japan or just fast to see it from S.Korea doesn't make sense,i can get them free or i can buy it??.
4.To someone who always tag me everyday yes,i got tag seriously we're never made connection,you never faves,comments anything to me why always tag,want me to see your sets,10 times i'm enough,i may be kind but i losing it already.

5.To someday sending me group of fan things ,Justin Bieber,one direction,disney celeb,things that not my style doesn't make sense you see my sets you'll get it things i love i never annoying ppl to join my Asian fan group or sth i made you feels annoying me.

May be i'm sound rude,i'm selfish,means,narrowed mind this is not only 1 or 2 months but long time ago that i stand for plsssss this site is free decision lets ppl decide it which one they want or will deny,I'm annoying to deleted it everyday next time i'll block you if not stop do it,i waiting mail from friends that we love talks but i see only invite really annoyed .

Dear Skip stupid massage above okay!!!
Happy Birthday to lovely friend @jojo-radcliffe94 my dearest I'm so happy that I can made set I'm not forgot your B-Day okay, i really sending real one for you !!! but i can't..so this set come out ,I hope you'll like it.

For B-Day wishes i sending lots of love ,happiness,success and may all your dream will come true.
Thanks for being my nice friend,my little lovely dongsaeng ..i used Japanese girl cover for this it's represent me to you hope you don't mind i know you love Korean things more..

Much love,Rainie-noona lolzzzzzz
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