I made this collection because I am one who struggles daily ( at times ) It's when I am down. I at times make myself Stop & make myself look up to God he knows my name. He is my Father, Savior & Friend & he's closer than the air around us. So get a encouraging bump...Next go to Gods' word & seek his face & embrace his words...for they are life & he loves me sooooo much he sent his Son to die for me. Now I will never know a separation from my Father God.....& I will live forever knowing his wonderfulllll love. If there are any prayer request Please send mssg....Hugs Dawn


Wrote three months ago
Such a wonderful collection dear. Thank you so much for including my set:💕

Wrote 5 months ago
These are some very beautiful and powerful sets! I'm flattered that you added my simple set to this collection which gives people a lot of hope <3

Wrote 6 months ago
Thank you Dawn! I know that when I look up, He does a retina scan and when I raise my hands in prayer, He knows my fingerprints! He has voice pattern recognition! He is ALMIGHTY and OMNIPOTENT and always with me. I love Him but nowhere near His love for me. He fore knew me and made me anyway. He provided a way of salvation and for our return to Him from whom and through whom all came. I adore Him. I am happy you have found something inspirational or beautiful in any of my sets. Much love. Cynthia

Wrote 8 months ago
Thank you!

Wrote 9 months ago
I was so moved by your touching comment on your collection. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Light. he is always here for us. We merely need to open our hearts to Him and He is here for those who truly want to receive Him. To God Be the Glory in All Things!! Thank you for including my set in this inspirational collection !

Wrote 9 months ago
Such a lovely inspiring collection :-))

Wrote 9 months ago
Your expression for this collection is so touching & inspirational!! Yes, God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit are there for us always ~ May the Peace of Christ always fill your heart! Thank you for adding my set to this wonderful Scripturally based collection :-)

Wrote one year ago
Thank you, dear, for including my set! Blessings to you!!

Wrote one year ago
Thank you for adding my other set also. I too struggle and have to keep my focus on my Father in heaven and Jesus daily, or I end up depressed. Thank Father for sending your son, Jesus, so that I can have peace with you through his sacrifice. Amen, Amen!

Wrote one year ago
Thank You for sharing your wonderful collection....a great collection to go to when you need a lift or a little inspiration....thanks again!!!

Wrote one year ago
Thank you for adding my set to your collection. I appreciate it very much!

Wrote one year ago
Thanks so much for adding my sets to your beautiful collection!!! I really appreciate it....❤️

Wrote one year ago
Thanks so much for adding this!! ❤️


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