This set is for @skylar72 thanks babe for being such a great friend on polyvore!!

Here's a quick fun survey, and these are the lovely people I tag -- @jesse1987 @sarahsmileslikesarahdoesntcare @smooch09 @storyofmylife24 @c-h-e-r-ie @eleni @iloveyoudd

can you remember your last dream?
Yes i can since I dream all the time. I was in the studio dancing the night away to mambo number 5 with the most handsome man ever.
3 places you would like to go on vacation:
Italy, Brazil, and Ireland

do you like chocolate?
Of course!! who doesn't.......
what do you notice first on a boys face?
His eyes. One's you can fall into
do you like rainy or snowy days more?
what is your favorite 4 legged creature?
Wolves and doggies
do you like spicy food?
yes and no
do you remember your favorite teacher?
Yes, 9th grade history teacher. she made everything fun and interesting. 
what was the last movie you watched?
The American with George Clooney
what music do you like?
1980's rock! also pop and latin
3 favorite foods:
Pizza, pasta, and any kind of ice cream
do you like to shop?
Yes, yes, and more yes!!
whats your middle name?
favorite fruit?
Mango!!!! I love all tropical fruits
have you ever gotten detention?
many times i'm sorry to say ;) 
celebrity idols:
Miranda Kerr and Penelope Cruz
how big is your bed?
have you ever cried during a movie?
Yes, during the Titanic, Braveheart, and the Notebook
if you were stranded on a desert island who would you want to be with?
My two best friends, my sister because she'd make me laugh and my guy friend because he'd keep me safe.
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