Inspire Me... ~ The Official... *Contest 1*

Our first Inspire Me Official! For this contest, ENTER ALL YOUR SETS!!! The Official goes on for 2 weeks and during that time, every single artist on polyvore must enter ALL their sets! This is the first time The Official has been introduced so I want this to be a big one! The Officials will come to Inspire Me on every season throughout the year so I am expecting to see different types of sets each time!!! Please remember that this is for ART sets only! Now, the winner - Only 1- will get a set made for them, that set will become the group logo until the next 'Inspire Me - The Official' under the set will have a personal message from me and my favourites of your sets will go on the collection - *Best sets of all time- Up to easter 2011*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, good luck, art sets only, 1 winner, no limit, 2 weeks, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Created by iicefish. Created in ♥*Inspire Me*♥. 3,656 sets from 47 members. Ended 6 years ago.