Inspired by...

Show me that you've been inspired! But what by? A fashion shoot from your favorite magazine, a supermodel, a book? How about a movie, a particular designer, or a general look? Let's see a look influenced by your own personal inspiration. But, remember, this is NOT copying the person or inspirations look. This is YOUR own style influenced by it. I do not want to see a crop of "Dress like [insert celeb name here]" and such. Your outfit should be fresh, new and most importantly, expressing you! The inspiration should either be obvious in the set or stated in the comments or title (this isn't necessary, but we would prefer you do so!) For example, let's say that you are inspired by Agyness Deyn. You could make a set with a photo featuring her and then make an outfit which is influenced by her eclectic style. Another example is a set I made which was inspired by the book, "Alice in Wonderland"


You can submit up to three entries and there will be 7 winners. We are looking for originality (like always) and a fashionable outfit. So, without further ado, get submitting :)

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