My favorite part of this outfit? The kanji on the necklace was etched using a sandblast technique. 

Gaara starts as an antagonist in the Naruto series, but becomes a loyal friend to Naruto as the series progresses. Their lives are surprisingly similar, with a few key differences, and Gaara admires Narutos resolve in spite of the bullying that they both experienced as a result of their births.
★ Anime/Manga Contests NonStop

★ Anime/Manga Contests NonStop

NON-STOP CONTESTS INVOLVING ANIME/MANGA--sounds wonderful, right? ^^
ALL ANIME/MANGA sets are allowed!
Feel free to invite all of your friends, enemies, family, grandparents, babies--anyone and everyone is welcome!


Hi There, this Group was created on February,11,2012. This was inspired by ANIME of course! Here are a few rules and things that will be happening in this group.
1-This group is for anime sets only.
2-I ask that you please don't post any nudity.
3-we will be having lots of contests in this group.
4-Feel free to message any of the moderators at anytime.
Group Founded By-Hollisterlove11 AKA PrincessLuka16
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║╔╗║╔╗║║║║║╩╣ if you love anime!

The House of Geeks and Nerds

The House of Geeks and Nerds

This group was made for the purpose of allowing us all to scream about the awesomeness of our favorite TV shows, books, movies, comic books, and video games. Basically, if it's geeky, share it! Everyone is welcome to join in on the nerdy fun!

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