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Inspired By Something

Welcome to Inspired By Something. A group for you to share you creations that were designed with a pinch of someone else's ideas. TV cosplays, book characters, themes and everything else. Basically 'references'. Here are the rules. - Please state who/what inspired your set someone (in the description or in the set itself), sets that look like "load dumped" creations for likes may be removed. - The contests are a little different but please do not post random things in the contests that have nothing to do with the contests aim. - If you have a problem with someone else's set please either report/flag if appropriate or contact me if you think it/the user should be removed with this group. Do not bombard the comments. - Sets that are art/design/photography are allowed, it's not just about fashion. - If you think these rules are confusing please understand that I know they may be. So screw you, and stop making a big deal about it. It's only Polyvore. Thank you for your respect and we all look forward to seeing your beautiful creations.
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