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Thinking too long i will or won't responding tagged
sorry if i am late!!!

All picture related to me,clothing i like,my life's pic excepted Kai but count him in..

My name is Rainie its my nick name btw.. some friends here who know me calling me Mina[Jap] same as Min in Korean I am a half Japanese half Korean half Caucasian,both of my parents are a half
I frequently speaking 3 languages ,in process to success in writing Italian.

I got member spotlight by Polyvore if you want to read another story:

I am a youngest child among 5 sibling we’re only 1-2 years gap and so closed to each other.

I was grew up from London UK till I was 4 years old, had moving along with my dad to settle his business in so many countries such as Russia,India,Malaysia,Taiwan,HK,Australia and stop by Singapore before I spent my childhood for 10 years at Boston M.A where I was graduated high school and meet my best friend ever @stephaniee90 .

I live here with my big brother, he is everything for me if he wasn’t here idk my life will turn out good like this or not.look back to the past 2 kids living far away from home I’m so proud of him he is the best brother I could have.

YAY On 2006 I am back to Tokyo to continue my studies life here.
I studies Architecture in term of Engineering in my university does including 2 subjects in one faculty unlike in U.S ,now I continue my master degree same university as I was graduated from bachelor.
And will graduated in 2015 I am working on my thesis these days,wish me luck guys.

I officially playing baseball as pitcher position for league since I was 16 but was scouted and training since I was 11 by one of Japanese baseball player who playing for major league in U.S he’s now is my coach.I love sport that much i actually my precious dream is playing for basket ball youth club in U.S but I’m short at that time and got rejected.

I can play many type of sport,I play Judo,Kendo,Swords, Archery,i love extreme sport too and I got 5 black level Taekwondo.

I am adding my glorious meow in this set look at him he is really enjoying for being cat,his name is Kito my big boy who never lets me go,I’ve own 4 boys cats btw. pls love Kito kun @fruitmachine~

I am enjoying detective,horror movie like Hannibal it’s my favorite one but I’ve a snake phobia ,scared lake and river I ‘d like to face my fear but still too scared to try..nope I will never try !

Honestly,my personality is not that good I kinda mood swing,self center,picky to talkative with only person who I feel comfort with.i am not friendly and speaking too direct.and i am not a sweet person.
Idh much friends but I truly got some friends who can share and helping me when I had a hard time.

I really can’t cook I terrible reaching to the level ever harm myself from my own cook I ever told you I ever sick from my food @fruitmachine , @color-me-red ?

I love designing stuff,sometimes my idea come out like a water fall,obsessed with building and decor my style is contemporary and modern in contrast yep also finding idea for my thesis aisssh! 
i am also painting when i have free time
here my collection if you want to see
badly i would like to show my clothing design maybe next time.

Currently,working at fashion land since 3 years ago I am not remember it maybe it cause baseball career bring me to my current agency come out from no where,I know my self again after I already work here for 3 years now kinda feel like I am lucky coz not even trying to be here at first place,me ,Staphanie and 2 of our friends we’ve open little clothing store on 2010 ,ir was 3 months before i join PV.and has sub brands under our name .after 2012 our brand got a chance to working with Fashion runway in Japan,TGC and FTVJapan actually never dream about it and too much thanks to my friend more she like everything who working hard for our store and being manager,maybe it coz Steph is well done as photographer made us to have this day ,yep i love my friend hope so she not come to read this[she always not here lol..].

Morever,of course love Kpop since tagged is from Kpop group haha<33 full time stalking boys and enjoying watching Kdramas,gameshow and stuff related since long time ago.Shinhwa is my first group ever made me obsessed soon later I got into YG music my style prefer hip hop ,RnB,house-electro my all time favorite band is Big Bang and nowadays adore Kai boy [+EXO] is my full time job.
See I’m secretly adding Kai here embarrassed is it?

my goal in 2014 is to be happy,baseball champion and made money:)

Okay idk what to talk anymore and nice to know you all whoever join this contest good luck I am not submit my personal to contest I’d love to keep it for my memory haha<3

Oh my ,curious who will read this btw..
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