Well this is a worout plan I do almost everyday. I only do this because I need to keep in shape for track. I do not do all of these in one day. One day I might focus on core, another on thighs and cardio, etc. Hopefully you will use this:)
 Thighs, Butt, and arms lol

1. 3 sets of 10 squats using five or eight pound weights, repeat three times. If you are just beginning start out not using any weights and gradually move up

2. sets of ten leg lunges using 5 or 8 lb weights, repeat 3 times.

3. sets of ten just lifting the 5-8 lb weights using arms, repeat three times.

4. one minute wall sit

 Core(you will need phone or timer)

1.Set timer for a minute and a half. The first 30 seconds you do crunches normally. After, do 90 degree position crunches and do those til the timer gets to a minute. After do straight leg positioned crunches until timer goes off. Repeat 3 times.

2. a minute and a half of bicycle crunches.

3. a minute plank

4. 30 leg lifts, repeat three times.

1. jump rope for 5 minutes, switching legs and regular.

2. Run a mile and a half to three miles.
Like I said, I'm really into working out & I don't do this all at once. Maybe do one cardio exersize, one core, and one thigh exersize and you should be good:)

Sorry if this is confusing! If you need me to explain anything just comment below
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