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I walked across campus feeling all the eyes that bore into the back of my head. I knew they all heard, and I knew they all wanted to know for sure. I made sure my sunglasses we securely in place and kept walking trying to imagine they weren't there, but that did no good as some girl approached me.

 "Hello I am with the school newspaper can I get a statement about your scandal?" She asked. "Actually you can. Whatever everyone has read is false. I did not have a one night stand with Peter I simply was in no condition to drive so he thoughtfully got me a hotel room. I was quite tired so I went to bed letting him stay there as well. He is like a brother to me, just watching out for my safety, it was very kind of him." I said giving her a smile, all of it was true except the big brother part and...all the other stuff since I couldn't remember that well. The girl scribbled it down on a notepad and looked up at me. "Thank you, I will clear this up for you." She said with a nod. I sighed a breathe of relief, "Thank you so much." I said smiling at her.

Maybe this would turn out okay after all, but then again maybe it wouldn't because happy endings are only in books.

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