The Interviews

The dress was annoying. It was beautiful but annoying, the ruffles were just too much and made me look bigger than I already was. Especially around the hips and chest. I sighed, irritated. Theo looked dapper to my right, dressed in a dark blue suit and a ocean blue shirt underneath with a yellow tie that matched my dress. He looked at me from the corner of his eye and smiled at me. I smiled back and faced forward, we were the next couple to go on. On stage at the moment was the boy from District three, I think his name was Preston. He had shaggy blond hair and pricing amber eyes. He looked so young, I think I remember Caesar saying something about him being thirteen. 
Then with a thundering applause, Preston left the stage, a small smile on his lips. I felt my own lips lift in a smile at his happiness. How he had found such an emotion in such a disastrous situation was heart warming. 
Flickerman then announced me. I spared one last look at Theo and he gave me a smile and squeezed my hand in encouragement. Taking a deep breath I made my way onto the stage. 
Caesar Flickerman stood, proud as a peacock in his sky blue suit and canary yellow shirt in front of me. What was it with these Capitol people and their bright coloured clothing? I laughed under my breath, he and Theo almost matched. Grinning like a madman, showing his overtly bleached white teeth. I fixed a plastic smile on my face, one which, as I now know, only Theo and Setty could look through. If it was even possible his grin grew as he saw me smile back at him. 
Kami had babbled on about how important these interviews were and how what we say tonight would effect how many sponsors we got. Like I cared enough to actually try. 
I remembered getting ready with Setty back at my room, how she had fussed over how to have my hair and how she had looked at me with such endearment when we finally ad to leave. 
Setty had leaned forward to my ear just as I took my place beside Theo. 
“Make them remember you.” 
“I will.” 
I was brought back to reality from my day dream by Caesar Flickerman shaking my hand and gesturing for me to sit in a plush white chair behind me. 
“So Olivia, I must say you look ravishing. Doesn’t she?”
The crowd cheered and clapped their agreement. I laughed uneasily. 
“Well you’ll have to thank my stylist for that, she works wonders.” 
Flickerman smiled and laughed along with the crowd. 
“So are you planning on walking about any time soon?” he joked, making fun of my stunt on the chariots. 
“Yes.” I replied, keeping my emotions under wraps so as to not make a fool out of myself. 
“Really? Where?” he seemed surprised. 
“To my death. That is why we are all here after all, is it not?” still keeping my face clear of my emotions but my eyes were as cold as ice. 
There was a pause, then Caesar smiled, his eyes held a knowing look to them. As thought he wasn’t surprised by what I was doing. 
“But you’re here to win aren’t you Liv?”
“Yes, I suppose I am.” I nodded. 
“To go back home? Is there someone special back there?”
The crowd laughed along with him. 
“If you count my family then yes. Otherwise, no, I’m going to win to make a difference.”
He looked confused. I raised my gaze up to Setty, she smiled and taped the side of her head twice. 
Make them remember you. 
“I plan on winning the games so that I can put a stop to them. So that I can free…my people.”
That’s when the uprising started, the same time the buzzer went off, indicating the end of my interview. 
And I could have sworn I saw the glimmer of a smile on Caesar’s lips. 
Keeping my face blank I made my way off the stage and down the steps as I heard Caesar try placate the crowds. Theo gave me a look of complete emptiness before smiling. 
By the time I had registered that, Theo was now on stage did I hear the uproarious laughter of Filckerman and the crowd. I knew he’d be a hit. 
“So Theo, any young ladies back home?” he didn’t miss a beat did he? 
“Well there was this one girl-”
I swear the whole of Panem leaned forward in their seats for the juicy gossip. 
“But sadly she passed away last month.”
A collective gasp rang through the crowd.
“That’s terrible! How did she die?”
I saw Theo hesitate for a moment. 
“She was knocked out of her small fishing boat by one of the Capitol’s ships whilst it was docking…s-she went t-through the propellers.”
Caesar was speechless. As was I. Startlingly, I felt a tear slip down my cheek. The camera zoomed in on my reaction. Showing a blown up view of it on the screen next to Theo’s face. 
“Theo, after Olivia’s, sorry, Liv’s appearance up here, she seemed to cause quite a ruckus with the crowd. Are you just as wild at heart?”
You had to give it to him, Filckerman knew how to work the crowd. At this all the women leaned forward, blushing eagerly in their seats whether they were available or not. They had just found out the only interest in this incredibly handsome man’s life was gone. He was fair game. 
“Um, I’m sure I’m not as wild as Liv but I’m not one to sit back and let others have fun.”
“So you’re a more hands on kind of guy?” 
They ate it up. 
“I suppose you could say that, yes.” Theo smirked dangerously, a dimple appearing on the one side of his mouth. 
Even I had to admit it, he was hot.
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