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District 1
Female: Kiera Moore (18)
Male: Dylan O'Conner (16)
After the Game Makers had published every district’s training score, I began to notice changes in Dylan’s behavior. He started to spend more and more time away from us. Curiosity got the best of ma and I started to follow him and every time, he met up with the girl from 4, Imogen. It became clear to me that I couldn't trust him, so I had to reconsider my allies.

It’s the day before the Interview and I've feel like taking a walk, but ended up in the “Snow Garden”, thinking about recent event, when suddenly Forrest (from District 4) sits down next to me.

“Beautiful, aren't they?” He says, looking straight forward. I’m not saying anything, just wondering what he was talking about. “They reminds me of the Lotus flowers back home.” Oh, he meant the roses.

“Yeah, they’re very pretty.”

We sit there for a while, telling stories from back home, when we see Dylan and Imogen walking together outside the park, not noticing us.

“You shouldn't trust him, Dylan I mean,” Forrest says after Dylan and Imogen disappears. “I overheard them the other day talking about working together only the two of them, without you or me.”

“Why should I trust you?”

“I don’t know what to say to would make you trust me, but you know that you can’t trust him.” I don’t really know what to do, but for the moment this is my better option.

“I think we should consider working together with Snow.”

“You should know that she hates him, so don’t call her that.” Forrest says as he stands up. “We’ll ask her tomorrow before the interview.” We part with a handshake.
The next morning, I wake up with a terrible headache and Dylan’s watching TV with a ridiculously high volume and when I tell him to lower it, he just simply ignore me. Finally, I snap the remote from his hand and turn the TV off.

“Hey, I was watching that!” He starts fighting with me, ending with me kicking him in the abdomen.

“Enough!” Monique shouts, then grabs my arm, dragging me into my room. “What’s going on? This is not the time to make enemies.”

“Oh, don’t act like you haven’t noticed how he always sneaking out with that 4 girl, Imogen. I can not trust him.” Monique sighs and sits down on the bed.

“I knew something was off since Marcus has been avoiding me, which usually means trouble.”

“I’m partnering up with Forrest from 4 and, hopefully, Snow from 12. I've already talked to Forrest and I believe him to be trustworthy.”

“Okay, I hope you’re right, but you better watch your back,” Monique says and fixes her hair. “Let’s go get you something to eat, before you Delta comes to pick you up for your preparations for Caesar.”
As I lay on the slab in the Prep Room, my headache gets worse by the minute, because of all the people’s talking and the machines’ buzzing… Finally, I just can’t take it anymore.

“SHUT UP!” I scream and everyone in the room freezes. I take a deep breath to calm down. “Sorry, I’m having a killer headache…”

“Why didn't you tell us? Remember, we’re all here to help you and we are a team. Have you tried any medication?” I shake my head. “Okay. Nicca, why don’t you get Kiera a cup of that tea of yours?” Delta says to a young but short girl with LONG green and pink hair. A few minutes later, she returns with a giant cup of steaming liquids. It smells terrible, but after a few sips the headache starts to disappear, and the prep-team starts up working again. About the same time I've finished the tea, the team are done. When I look in the mirror, I can’t take my eyes of the dress. It's a short, white dress with small golden details, and to that, a pair of white, gold and silvery sandals and a pearl bracelet.

“Stand Still, you're not finished, not without your token.” Delta picks up the necklace William gave me at the reaping, and helps me putting in on. “Now, go out there and show them who’s the boss.” Delta leads me through a door, leading to the waiting room for all the tributes. I meet up with Dylan, who makes a quick remark that he likes the dress, before his name is called out and walks in to the studio. 

10 minutes later, it’s my turn…. SHOWTIME!
“Now to the girl who blinded us with her beauty at the Parade. From District 1, a warm welcome to Kiera Moore or as we like to call her, Golden Eye.” Caesar shots out, and I try not to look too surprised over the nickname that no one had told me about, as I walk on to the stage and greats Caesar with a handshake, but instead ha takes my hand and kisses it. I fake a shocked look, then curtsy to him. 

“I must say that you look amazing in that dress, almost like an angel, wouldn’t you say so, folks?” Ceasar shots and laughs, making the audience go wild with applause and cheering. I smile and try to look “all-girly”. "Will you do us the honor and showing it to us?”

“But of cause.” I start twirling and the dress becomes sparkly and looks almost like gold.

“Oh, amazing, but you better stop or you’ll blind us, again.” Caesar says and I slow down to stand looking over to the audience.

“Oh, I better, because that wouldn’t be fear to the others.” I say in a girly voice, battering my eyelashes for Caesar, who leads me up to his weird-looking armchairs.

“Tell me, Kiera, how do you like our lovely town? What’s your favorite part?”

“It’s like a bigger version of District 1… It feels almost like home, which has helped with my homesickness. But to pick a favorite, it’s like picking a favorite star, I love it all. The people, boutiques … But if I must say something, I would say… the gardens.”

“Oh, any garden, particularly?”

“Well, the ‘Snow Garden’, mostly because of its amazingly beautiful white roses.”

“What do you miss most about home, then?”

“I miss going shopping with my girl-friends, Sapphire and Tings, taking long walks with my dog, Athena”, I say with a smile, then I get a bit teary-eyed, “But mostly I miss my best-friend and the love of my life, William.”

“That wouldn’t happen to be William Sparks, Hunger Games Victor of- what year was it, my dear?”

“Caesar, I’m surprised that you don’t remember. Five years ago? He used a big hammer as a weapon.”

“But, of cause. What was it everyone called him…Thor, wasn’t it? After the Scandinavian god, who had a hammer as a weapon.” On the screen behind us, a series of clips are played, featuring William from that year’s Games, making more tears to fall.

“That’s him. He gave me this necklace as a token when I volunteered, for luck.”

“But how come you volunteered when you have everything anyone could even dream of?”

“To bring honor: to my district, to Xena and Ares Diamond, who took me in after my family’s got killed and to the memory of my family.” I say with a sad smile. The audience all looks sad, some even crying.

“That’s very sad,” Caesar says in a low voice, looking little teary-eyed.

“Yes, but it gives my strength to know that this is what my family would’ve wanted.”

“That’s good. Do you have any strategy for the arena that you would like to share?”

“It’s simple really: Stay alive and to make shore the others don’t.”

“That’s very confident of you, Kiera. The other’s better watch out.” Caesar says with a grin, causing lots of shears and clamors from the audience.” Seams like the audience love you. Any parting word you’d like to give us?”

“Only when it comes to me, nothing is what it looks like.” I say with a wicked smile.

“I absolutely love your zazziness, and I will keep my eyes on you during the games.” We both stand up and he takes my hand and holds it up. “Kiera Moore, everyone!” Caesar shots and the studio are filled with applause. I blow kisses and waves to the audience as a walk of the stage.

“Good job. Let’s get you out of that dress.” I can only nod to Monique, feeling excused.
After I've taken a shower and redressed, I go back to the waiting-room, now with only the two tributes from 12. I notice Forrest hiding in the shadows and when it’s the boy’s turn, Isaac, we walk up to Lucy.

“Hey, Snow!” I call out, making her turn around, looking angry.

“Never call me Snow. Ever.”

"Told you she hates him." Forrest smiles, making me roll my eyes.

"What do you want?" Lucy crosses her arms, looking very serious. Someone calls out her name in a scolding tune, but I don’t bother to notice who.

"We want to align with you," Forrest says, making Sno- no, Lucy, look surprised.


"You seem tough, you automatically have sponsors, and with an 10, a near perfect training score, you’d be the perfect ally," I explains, hoping to win her over.

"What about your careers?" Lucy asks.

"Forrest's district partner is taking my place. I don't stand a chance this year if I stick with them. Besides, Forrest has an 8 and I have a 9. The three of us will be lethal together. We can do this”, I practically plead to Lucy, knowing how much we need her. She says nothing for a minute, clearly considering her alternatives.

"I'd have to think about it. I'll get back to you, promise," She say with a small smile, at least it’s not a no. I give her a nod and me and Forrest goes out to watch her interview from outside the waiting-room (since it doesn't have any TV-monitors).

Lucy does a great interview, and when she walks of the stage, Forrest and I are standing in the background of her team. She makes eye-contact with us and nods slightly, a sign that she’s with us. I make a short laugh and give Forrest a high-five as we walk away.
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Maggie Grace as Kiera Moore
Jake Abel as Dylan O'Conner
Chris Hemsworth as William Sparks

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