What district are you from? 5
How old are you? 15
How did it feel when you got picked for the reaping, or did you volunteer? I did not volunteer, but if had not been picked and one of my friends or siblings did I would have because I had trained a for a little while back home.
What did you say to your loved ones before you left? I told them that I would try to win and that I loved them? what else?
Do you have any siblings at home, if so how many? I have 3 siblings Isabel, Carson, and Declan.
Do you have any friends, or a boyfriends, or girlfriend back home? I have many friends but only a few close friends, and why date when you could be single?
Whats your favorite part about the capital? The colors! every thing here is a rainbow!
Do you miss your family? Of course I do!
Do you have a stragety for the games? No, I haven't given it much thought (or have I?)
Have you trained for the games? Yes i learned about edible plants and how to tie knots back home... but that's it.
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