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sweet @dear-inge tagged me in her super-elegant set
Ok, now 3 random facts about me (of today :)):

1. Maybe my followers/Polyfriends already know this fact but I love to cook - especially to bake (maybe I should open one day a cafe with my own baked cakes :D) Yesterday my mum bought a woman's magazine. There is always a double page full of cake recipes in it - mostly sooo healthy with a lot of fruits (I don't like fruits on cakes besides strawberries - don't know why :)) BUT yesterday there was a double page full of chocolate cake recipes!!! YEAH! So I baked today very spontaneous a nougat cake (nothing is better than nougat :)) with a coat of white chocolate, a nougat cream layer and almonds.... very yummy.... but now I'm feeling queasy (my poor stomach...) because I've eaten too much and I'm also a nibbler during baking :D

2. My current profile pic was shooted in my last family holiday in Lignano (Italy). My sister, my cousin and I walked through the streets and really EVERYBODY stared at us - I think it was because I wore this feather skirt (some fashion unsuspecting people also laughed) but I really didn't cared. I really think that everybody should wear self-confident his/her favourite fashion!!!
And ok, Lignano isn't Milan :D hihi!!!

3. About this blue set: I really think that blue is the color which fits me the best :)

@ everyone who reads this message till now - thanks for reading this shit :D hihi!

Now I tag:

you're really supertalented, so if you want (but there's NO DUTY), create a set and add some facts about you ;) would be a pleasure for me seeing/reading this ♥♥♥
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