Kings and Queens // 30 Seconds to Mars
Perfect song for this story.
Since N has been absent for a while, I'm going to do like an intro set for her. So there is no event. 

Include N in your stories.

Why hello there bitchess, and dolls.

You know me. I'm the Queen, the ruler. The one you can't go against, or face your worst nightmare. But do you actually know me? No one does. Except Momo maybe. Can I help that everything that comes out of my mouth is either an insult, or a snarky comment? That's a no. It just happens, and I wake up every morning knowing I'm going to be a biitch. 

So I could either be your best-friend, or my worst enemy. Take your pick dears. But I'm leaning toward the worst enemy one more. 

Nadia Wang is in town. 
Nows your chance to run.
I twirled the purple bag in the hand, while sipping my Starbucks skinny latte. 

"You look fabulous N!" Belle gushed, giving me a bright smile.

"When have I not?" I snorted. Her smile turned down slightly.

"Well, anyway, we are all glad your back" Momo said reassuringly. 

"Actually, your the one you probably isn't" I shot, rolling my eyes. Everyone knows Momo is trying to steal my crown. That for sure is not happening...

So where was I for the past 2 weeks? Shopping it up, and spending my afternoons in the spa, in fabulous NYC. But now I am back, claiming my crown, and ready to push those dolls off a cliff or something. 

"You were absent for the past 2 weeks, Nadia. Stop acting all mighty, even though your dying to know what happened" Acacia scoffed. 

"Oh please. I always know what's happening. Even you, Acacia. Did you have a nice time in jail?" I snickered, while the rest of the HB's bit their lips. They knew what was coming.

"Shut the fuckk up! At least people like me, bitchh. You have absolutely no one! Everyone hates you. Even Momo." Acacia exploded, while Momo looked away, nervously.

I narrowed my eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow, everyone. And Acacia? Lose the attitude, or you'll be out of the HB's before you can say mafia-whoree." I simply said, before turning away on my heels and stomping away from them. 

Stupid biitches. They seriously think they can get away with that? That no one likes me!? Everyone loves me! Right....?

I entered my building, chin held high as I stepped into the elevator. Once the doors closed and I pressed the button, I sank down to the floor in tears. 

Everyone hates you Nadia. Everyone despises you. Why don't you just leave Shanghai? The voices in my head taunted, as tears dripped from my eyes and down my cheeks.

The doors opened with a swift breeze, as I got off the floor and stumbled into my apartment. Once I closed the door, I kicked off my heels and sat on the floor.

Mascara ran down my cheeks, and tears dripped on my new blouse. My lip trembled, and my mouth tasted salty. My whole world was falling apart, just by that one sentence.

Even the Queen feels like shiit sometimes.

Welcome back to Shanghai.

xo, Nadia.
Ok, so everyone, I'm going with this story-line, how N looks perfect but it's not true. She's dying inside for love from anyone because she thinks everyone hates her. Oh, and no one knows she just cried, and feels this way. And Mich, I only choose Acacia because A has a short temper, and would stand up to Nadia like that. So yeah (:
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Wrote 6 years ago
Thanks but who are you?
xo, Nadia.

Wrote 6 years ago
It's great to have you back N :) xYve

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
So super stylish!



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