Been a while since I did a tag so I thought I'd give it a try :)

so here it goes 

1. How did you discover Polyvore?
I was looked at dresses and all the sudden polyvore popped up and I fell in love with it.
2. How old are you and what do you do?
I'm 23 and don't have a job at the moment which gives me quite some time for volunteerwork with children and writing a book 
3. What is one fact about you that not even your closest poly friends know?
Difficult one, but since I have to pick something lets say I love harry potter fanfiction. 
4. What inspires you right NOW?
Not easy either, since there is so much. I'm starting to have a thing for old pharmacy cabinets. Odd but true. I'm also really inspired by real estate programes and the dreams and plans these people have, its odd and quirky and odd and quirky is always inspiring. Also the sea and the city. I like the perfect combination of peace and buzz. 
5. Here's a travel question - what is the most magical, the most mysterious, the most puzzling place on earth?
Without a doubt the UK, they have perfected the combination of old and new. Its so lively and off and around every corner there is something interesting to see and hear. 

I also like countries like America and Canada with its contrast and the way different cultures are blended together and form a whole. Its fascinating. And also nothern Africa and south africa, I would just love love LOVE to see the pyramides
6. What is the basic expectation you try to fulfill in all your sets? 
I start with a mood or a character that just pops up and I try to create a world from there. Also I like to add fashion for said character but I never want to copy from a fashion magazine since that kills the reality. 
7. What is one fun fact about this set?

I'm not sure if its a real fun fact, but it made it fun for me. It came about quite quicky and naturally and it give of a sunny feeling (to me). 

And since I really have to tag now, here it goes, but don't feel forced. if you don't feel like it, I won't mind. But if you do feel like it by all means, I'd like to see it. 


Here's what you do:
1. Make a set with this title: "Introducing Me - set made for all of you!"
2. Introduce yourself - how you discovered polyvore, who you are, your feelings towards fashion and/or art etc. Just be ready to share!
3. Tag at least 10 poly friends.
Other examples:
@jasmine111196 :

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