So I'm Scarlett, I'm one of the youngest biologically at fourteen, but mentally my family and friends say I'm about seventeen or sixteen. I will be fifteen in december

I live in the very sunny {at the moment} England, I'm towards the the south but that all I will say. And no I don't like tea.

I'm not sure what you'd like to its gonna be random stuff.

I personally find it quite amusing that this group is called 'Artemis's Band of Beautiful & Badass Huntresses' because every Saturday I do archery, its my hobby and my passion. I have to say though it narks me off when (mostly in movie) when people are running and they shoot and hit the target first time, espically if its with an long bow. Just to let everyone know..its really not that easy. Any way mini rant over.

I adore {probably obess too} Doctor Who, Greek Mythology (and roman) and Sherlock. They are my obessesions. I also like Harry Potter, Merlin, Death Note, NCIS, Young Dracula and Pirates of the Carribbean, but them not as much.

I feel I should mention the Hunger Games in this, I personally like the idea and stuff but don't think it is the best written thing. Thats my opinion and I'm entitled to one.

I am naturally quite a dark person, I wear teh colour black the most, I love gorey movies. It a subject of bullying and teasing alot for me, but I've grown to be used to it or to ignore it depending on the person. Please don't try and chnage it, and think something is wrong with me, because it won't work. I have already seen the counsellors and therapists and I still am.

I personally think of myself as quite a creative person, espically in writing and photoshopping. I also read excessively, I am also a fast reader.

I gaze off alot into space, and tend to zone out mid conversation or sentence. It is a constant source of amusment for both my friends and myself.

I can't think of anything else really..

I'm just me..
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