1. Introduction
Name: Dylan Johnson

Age: 14

Godly Parent: Athena

Weapon: A simple silver band given to her by her mother, which turns into a double-edged celestial bronze sword. And she also has a celestial bronze knife that was given to her by Chandler Everette. 

Bio: Dylan lived with her extremely over protective father, James Johnson. Her father made her focus on her education, and never allowed her to hang out with people her age with the exception of her friend Chandler Everette (another demi-god). Because of her father being so over protective for so much of her life, it caused her to be a bit defiant and rebellious in her actions. She usually disobeyed her father and snuck out of the house on the weekends and met up with a big group of friends instead of staying at home and studying. 

Fears: Like other children of Athena, Dylan has arachnophobia (The fear of spiders). She also has acrophobia (The fear of heights). 

Taylor Swift as Dylan Johnson
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