heyooo c; i see that loads of people are happy today! well guess what? press more, and you shall find it c;

i'm happy too c; 
now, let's get to business!
wanna be friends? because i know we'll get along just fine! plus, i know a lot of people like friends so you won't get lonely! that reminds me,

i'm always here for you bby.♥

well, i'll tell you five facts about meh, then i shall let niall get on speaking.

[ 1 ] i have brown curls c;
[ 2 ] i'm bisexual. girls and guys are beautiful to meh c;
[ 3 ] i like tacos c;
[ 4 ] muh buddy niall, he's kewl.
[ 5 ] i. l0ve. yhu. and only you bby.♥

~ harreh ;

- - - -

wassup? i'm nialler, and i'm your new irish buddeh. because im pretty sure you would like me, but if you dont....then just dont talk to me c;

did you know...i'm single? and bisexual? it's true. but i dont care, i love it..♥

wanna know some things about meh? okaii, here i go.

[ 1 ] i'm irish, no doubt.
[ 2 ] natural brunette, but i like meh blonde hair c;
[ 3 ] i like someone. it's yew c;
[ 4 ] bisexual, got a problem wiff it? you shouldn't because everyone is flipping human.
[ 5 ] me like italian c;

well, buh baii naow c;

~ nialler.
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