Two days ago you became the mother of Ella Maura horan. You were still in hospital and you were bored. "I'm so bored!" You whined for the umpteenth time that day. "I know baby but you're on bed rest and our families visited yesterday." Your fiancé Niall said rubbing your back. Ella began to cry from her little cot. "Can you bring her over?" You ask Niall. He gets up and picks up his baby girl to give to you. "She looks like you" Niall said as he sat opposite you on your bed. "I don't know. But I hope she has your eyes" you say smiling lovingly at your Fiancé. After a few minutes Ella went back to sleep. You handed her to Niall to place her back in her little cot. "Hey Niall" you begin as he sits back down. "Be honest with me, do you like my name and do you think it fits?" You ask. "Why?" He asks looking up "well lately I've been thinking. I feel as if my name doesn't fit me. I'm an ex-dancer and my name is Jessica and to be honest, I'm not fond of it" you say. "Well I like it" Niall says. "But I never thought it would fit you, like how Ella's name fits her." He replies. "Then can you please hand me my phone" you say sticking your arm out. "And can you please get us some lunch?" You ask giving his cheek a kiss "anything for my princess" he says kissing your forehead. An hour later Niall walks in holding nandos. You had just finished on the phone. "You look happy" he muses. "You're going to have to start calling me maritza." You say. "Maritza? Why that name?" He asks understanding what you had done. "Maritza is my mother's name. " you reply simply. "Fair enough. And I like it better if sounds more artistic and it fits you well" Niall said handing you lunch and giving you a kiss on the head. Just as you were about to take your first bite four boys bounced into the room. They were none other than Niall's band mates. Harry styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn malik. "Hey nialler, hey Jessica!" Louis said as they walked it. "It's maritza now. " you say smiling and giving each one of the boys a hug. "Why?" Liam asked. "I've never really liked the name Jessica and I felt as if it never fit me" you explain. "I agree, maritza sounds better" Zayn says. All of a sudden you hear your baby girl in her cot. "Niall can you bring her here please?" You ask. The rest of the boys look on in awe. "She's so tiny" Liam says. "You guys wanna hold her?" Niall asked. All four boys nodded eagerly. You first handed Ella to Harry. From Harry she went to Zayn then Louis. Finally she was in Liam's arms. You looked at Niall and he nodded his head. "Um if you guys don't mind could you please sit? Maritza and I have something to tell you guys" Niall said sitting on the end of your bed. The four boys sit on the couch in your hospital room with Ella still in Liam's arms. "We have been thinking very hard about this and we don't want any of you to be upset as you'll all be uncles to Ella either way." Niall said. "So Liam," Niall began. "Maritza and I want you to be Ella's godfather. " you looked at Liam's shocked face. "Oh course" Liam said smiling. Everyone broke into smiles and looked at Liam holding his goddaughter. "So even though Liam is Ella's godfather which the rest of the boys are fine with" Zayn began as Harry and Louis nodded their heads vigoursly to back him up. "Can I still teach her how to use hair care products?" He asked. You and Niall looked at each other and cracked up laughing. "Of course you can!" You say as Liam hands Ella back to you so Niall can hold her. 'She is going to be a very loved child' you think as you watch Niall holding Ella. "Ella, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" you hear him mumble. And you couldn't agree more. 

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