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i haven't done this kind of set before so uh let's hope it doesn't look entirely terrible lol. but it was originally inspired by @silverly who has some seriously awesome sets so GO CHECK THEM OUT :-) i have something kind of big to say about concerning my account but it's a SECRET so shh don't tell anyone even though i can't tell you right now. i bet you can't guess what it is lol i am going to shut up now

this is kind of late but the "kids react to slap her" videos was really good. some of those kids are smarter than most adults. you guys should definitely go watch it if you haven't! it's really nice haha. oh the broods radio on pandora is great for when you're making sets :-) and the odezsa one too. they're a couple of my favourites as well as the lovely phoenix radio, and the vampire weekend radio too

i love dis song

did i mention that it's the holidays?? well yes it's wednesday now so i have about a week and a half left :)

here is a food tag

1:Chicken sandwich or burger? burger
2:McDonald’s or Wendy’s? mcdonald's
3:Coke or Pepsi? coke
4:What flavor blizzard do you get at Dairy Queen? what lol
5:Regular fries, waffle fries, or curly fries? regular
6:Salad with or without meat in it? without
7:Ranch or Italian dressing? idk
8:Chicken nuggets or chicken sandwich? nuggets
9:What toppings do you get on your pizza? er the hawaiin toppings
10:What kind of crust do you get on your pizza? classic
11:Pizza Hut, Dominoes, or Papa John’s? dominos I ROOT FOR DOMINOS my brother works there lol
12:Subway or Jimmy John’s? subway (i have no idea what half of the restaurants are, what..)
13:Hardee’s or Carl Jr.’s? what
14:Chipotle or Qdoba? WHAT
15:Chick-Fil-A or Popeyes? WHAT
16:What kind of shake do you get? milkshake? u talking about a milkshake? oh chocolate
17:Favorite flavor of ice cream? toffee or coffee
18:What drink do you get at Starbucks? when jemma has never been to starbucks before
19:What restaurant do you have locally in your area that you love? mcdonalds??? lol
20:What restaurant don’t you have that you want in your area? hungry jack's, why don't they have it here why
21:What cultural food do you like (eg. Chinese, Mexican ect) italian
22:On a weekly basis, what do you eat most of? potatoes? i sound like a potato freak now. i have to stop talking about this lol
23:What is your go to breakfast when in a rush? a banana or an apple
24:If you’re hungry in the middle of the day, what snack do you get? chips? or a sandwich
25:If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, but any variation of it, what would it be? potatoes....sorry
26:What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? i am going to assume this is something fancy
27:How do you cook your steak? i hate this question. why can't i answer any of these properly lol
28:Do you like your potatoes mashed, smashed, or baked? mashed
29:What do you get at Olive Garden? olives JK WHAT'S AN OLIVE GARDEN
30:Jelly filled or glazed donut? JAM filled, not jelly... ew. unless that's the same thing
31:What is your favorite fruit juice? apple
32:If you could make the perfect fruit salad, what would be in it? vegetables haha :-)
33:What makes the perfect burger? more like WHO makes the perfect burger
34:What flavor syrup do you put on your shaved ice? oh do you mean snowcone??? this tag was made by an american wasn't it
35:What is your midnight snack? anything

well that sucked because i wasn't cooperative with the questions but oh well. i tag YOU reading this. if you like food lol. but if you take this and do it, say that i (technically) tagged you! i wanna see your answers!

okay well i'm gonna go. don't forget to enter my contests and stuff. but OH wait

i think i'm going to leave and join some taglists because i didn't mean to join some so please don't feel bad if i ask to be taken off! :-( might be redoing my special tags too. and also, a big happy birthday to the lovely faith! @f-4bulous and a farewell to my baby chlo @chloeadorable25 <3

comment "iplayyoulisten" if you read all of this

- jemma

8.4.15 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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