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put in on shuffle. & for the record I don't know everything that's on my iPod. weirdness is sure to ensue. 

How am I feeling today? you lied (tool)
Will I get far in life? ain't my bpitch (metallica)
How do my friends see me? get up (dropkick murphys)
Will I get married? mattersville (NoFX)
Where will I get married? gasoline (audioslave)
What is my best friend's theme song? tutti fruitti (elvis presley)
What is the story of my life? since you're gone (the cars)
What was highschool like? blood on the field (the boils)
How can I get ahead in life? lucky streak (the aggrolites) HAHA YESS
What is the best thing about me? death on two legs (queen)
What is today going to be like? summer girls (UFO) sounds gooood.
What is in store for this week? a bass solo by jaco pastorious!
What is in store for this weekend? city girl (ducky boys) gahh I miss bostonn <3
What song describes my mom? maria (men at work) not my mom's name? 
What song describes my dad? part-time love (elton john) but my dad loves me all the time?
To describe my grandparents? miller (darkbuster) uhh no. haha
How is my life going? readymade (RHCP) 
What song will they play at my funeral? the thin ice (pink floyd)
How does the world see me? give me another chance (big star) 
Will I have a happy life? hide your love away (cover by dispatch)
What do my friends really think of me? it won't stop (the boils)
Do people secretly lust after me? maggie's farm (cover by RATM) what does that mean?!
How can I make myself happy? president (big d & the kids table)
What should I do with my life? state of the union (rise against) 
Will I ever have children? colorful (the verve pipe)
What is some good advice for me? speak to me/breathe (pink floyd)
How will i be remembered? all downhill from here (a new found glory) thanks. thanks a lot.
What is my signature dancing song? savoy truffle (beatles)
What is my current theme song? tonight, not again (jason mraz) lol
What does everyone else think my current theme song is? your song (elton john)
What type of men/women do you like? ramble on (zeppelin)

Opening Credits: Intro (dropkick murphys) HAHA
Waking Up: here with me (michelle branch)
First Day At School: walking down your street (bangles)
Falling In Love: triad (tool) wth??
Fight Song: justin (against me!)
Breaking Up: tell me baby (RHCP)
Prom: let it be (beatles)
Life's OK: voodoo child (jimi hendrix)
Mental Breakdown: auf achse (franz ferdinand)
Driving: sink to the bottom (fountains of wayne)
Flashback: did you steal my money (the who)
Getting Back Together: that was yesterday (foreigner)
Wedding: the fool on the hill (beatles)
Birth of Child: spirits in the material world (police) ooh trippy.
Final Battle: who knows (jimi hendrix)
Death Scene: good time boys (RHCP)
Funeral Song: helicopter (bloc party)
End Credits: angry, young & poor (antiflag)
How am I feeling today? jack-ass (beck)
Will I get far in life? jimmy jazz (clash)
Who will I marry? curtain of iron (kansas)
What was my childhood like? givin the dog a bone (ac/dc) oi. no.
How will I be remembered? cross the breeze (sonic youth)
What song describes my mood right now? you don't know me (michael buble)
What song do I listen to when Im depressed? ohio (modest mouse)
Happy? schmex rap demo (RHCP) lol
Scared? roller coaster (blink-182)
Bored? thunder road (the boss)
What type of guy/girl goes for me? the dangling conversation (simon & garfunky)
What should I be doing right now? head shrink, dead shrink (the briggs)
How was your past? the kaykaykay took my baby away (ramones)
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