name: Irene Adler aka "The Lady"
age: 36
history: was formerly married to a good man but realized she couldn't handle the slow life of a house wife and got a divorce. She's the only woman to ever outsmart the brilliant Sherlock Holmes thus she received her nickname.
suspect: Yes. She and Sherlock have never seen 'eye to eye' and with her history in crimes it's no wonder why she would be suspected. Seeing the only man who ever caught her was Sherlock.
anything else: she's quick witted, smart, and most of all alluringly deadly.
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Polyvore Writers

Polyvore Writers

This group is for anyone on Polyvore who writes! Poems, stories, anything's fine. Just make a set for your work, and put the writing into the description. Or, if it's short enough, put it in the set. Please be active in the group and please don't just put sets that don't have any of your writing.
We take all kinds of writing, fanfiction,fiction,nonfiction, historic fiction, short stories, chapters of novels, vignettes, poetry, fantasy thrillers :) Submit them here! :)
Be on the look out for contests!
If you have any questions feel free to contact the new moderator @jilliancarter
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Fanfiction & Stories

Fanfiction & Stories

This is a group for everyone to post fanfiction or stories! We will have a variety of contests that can be easy and hard! Everyone can get a chance to show off their amazing writing skills!
If you have an account on, or fiction press, or something else like that, give me a link and I'll post it in the collection, but please PM me on Polyvore. You can even PM me links to your 1st chapters, or collections and I can put that in there too!
You can post your stories, fanfictions, and outfits and other things related to do with your writing here, if I feel that the set has nothing to do with writing or the story, it will be rejected!
Link to the collection for the group:
Contains many links and great stories!

Story Sets!!

Story Sets!!

If you are writing a story, had a dream, tv shows, movies, thinking of a poem, songs, created a set off of something that inspired you, roleplays, or anything like that, you can submit every and any set that has to do with it!! When more people join we can posts those ideas as well! Enjoy and invite people please!!! I will have contests anuallly!! XD

Common ideas for sets:
Twilight Saga
The Vampire Academy
Vampire Diaries
The Tudors
Robin Hood
and really anything.
Every now and then I'll let you know if there are good rps that I'm doing or am starting just in case you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

Anything goes so no matter how crazy or weird you may think it is enter it!! Wackiness is encouraged!!!
Love you all!!
Word to your mother!! lol

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