Sm the rookies Irene (left),Seulgi (right)
never interest in SM trainee before until have heard the rookies will promote with EXO?

Irene and Seulgi dancing:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s0LduE26Pw (hope so for debuted group SM will do sth special than this?) 

But fine with Wendy cover Taylor Swift:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1C6S4HwRT4

and after i have seen Irene I my reaction I ,don't you think she does look a like Taeyeon and a bit Dara so i have no idea why they are too much look a like?
i did found Irene pre-debut pic on tumblr (before she become "the rookies") and i got my answer why Irene who come from same company as Taeyeon does look a like her senior ,hmmm you know what i mean !! just SM typically Idol's faces 

I feeling like i already hold my dislike towards them,and can't believed it Irene older than me
i thoughts she is 94 line at first place ,but this year she already 24. (maybe i was wrong)
before judging her hard pls waiting for their debuted ,this set just missing one it's Wendy isn't here. 

*(Irene-Seulgi-Wendy,SM girls the rookies)

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