Irina Kanalin

✧ full name : irina adonia kanalin
✧ age : 16
✧ grade : junior
- - - -
✧ nationality : russian / american / Greek
✧ hometown : moscow, russia
✧ family :
Angelina Electra Kanalin
Irina's mother is a hard working woman who has to keep the peace in her family with many children and a very important job as a magazine editor. She keeps her social, work and home life separate and tried to stay a loving mother. { Elizabeth Reaser }
George Stefan Kanalin
Mr Kanalin is a very busy man spending a lot of time away from his home bringing money into the bank via his multi industry and multi billion dollar company that is now having its resources put into the weapons manufacture. He is rather stern and uptight but does love his children although he finds it difficult to show it. { Peter Facinelli }
Arabella Rosalie Kanalin
Arabella is a very sweet and considerate girl but has a knack for mischief and trouble. She is talented at the arts and is a cheerleader currently and immerses herself in it completely. She loves it. { AnnaSophia Robb }
Chloe Jane Kanalin
Chloe is very clever and tries really hard and that's the reason she has just left to go to Stanford University to study. She is probably the quietest and shyest Kanalin sibling who doesn't like the limelight much. She prefers to sit in the family library and bury her head in a book. { maggie grace }
Sophia Alice Kanalin
Sophia is the life and soul of the party who loves to live life to the fullest and is bursting at the seems with beautifulness. She is very clever like all of her sisters but doesn't try, she's too distracted thinking about her social life. No matter how much her parents try to reign her in, she just gets off the leash again { casey labow }
Charles Lewis Kanalin
The oldest child of Angelina and George as well as being a very clever and a very powerful Wall Street banker he is a fun guy who has a wicked sense of humour and can take a joke. His sisters love him and so does everyone else including the ladies { Chris Pine }
- - - -
✧ appearance : irina? The girl everyone is jealous of?
Hair : The one with flowing golden blond hair in loose curls like a waterfall tumbling in tresses down her perfect back, l'occitane nourished with the sweet scent of mangos and passion fruit lingering in its curls. Always glossy and shining healthily, never a split end or imperfection in sight. Her hair is extremely easy to style, naturally wavy but able to be poker straight or sexy curls with hardly any effort. Some say her hair is her best feature but no, it only accentuates the perfect.
Eyes : stunning but intimidating ice grey eyes that when she arms up can turn the most beautiful cerulean blue with navy flecks. Framed and fathered with fluttering long and thick onyx lashes that brush past her cheeks when she blinks. They are matched with perfectly groomed brown eyebrows always waxed, plucked and tweezed to perfection.
Face : irina's face is oval shape and she has a defined jaw and high cheekbones, easily capable of cutting through glass, in the middle is her nose, large but in proportion to her face but perfectly ski slope flat with a slight celestial tip. Below them sit her lips, a dark pink shade and plump with a defined Cupid's bow covering a perfect set of parly white teeth with no flaws.
Body : irina stands in an Amazonian 5 foot 11 with a curvy but still very slim body in a perfect size 4. She has glowing skin with a golden tan that completes her beauty.

✧ short biography : Irina was born on November 12th in her home in Russia. A team of expert delivered her into this world with no difficulties, the perfect birth. Even as a baby little Irina had an adorable smile and gorgeous eyes that lit up a room when she entered it. Shr enjoyed physical activity, as a baby she was put in water and she developed quickly, ahed 2 and a half she was doing ballet, gymnastics, modern and tap. She played football as a 6 year old with her older brother and sisters. She always had a passion for fashion and you would find her in her moms room trying to walk in a pair of Louboutins with Hermes scarves draped around her neck with a Prada tote dragging down her arm and wearing Louis Vuitton sunglasses that were too big for her with Chanel pearls at her throat. She had a very fun and happy childhood. Aged 10 she started Cheerleading and she was very very good at it. Aged 14 Irina as staying with her uncle in the Hamptons for the summer and they were out at he market buying fruit and vegetables when screams echoed as shots were fired. "Oh my god uncle Phillip." She said then felt something heavy resting on her shoulder, then a warm liquid running down her arms. She let out a scream as she saw it was her dead uncle with a bullet through the head on top of her.after that she started to get PTSD and they started seeing therapists to get it under control a few months later they moved to America to try and get better help. She is now fine but still has the illness.
✧ secret(s) : her PTSD that causes her at first to freeze not moving just staring and not talking then she begins to feel really light headed and her limbs feel heavy at her sides, she has to be sitting or lyin down because her vision goes blurry. Her breathing gets paid and her heart rate goes up then she pass out. If she gets to have her medicine in time it stops the attack wherever it is at.
- - - -
✧ personality : Irina is at first a little cold but thats just because she's trying to figure you out and take in her fist impression. After a little while of being around her and she feels comfortable she will let her walls down and lets you see a very bubbly and bright girl who loves a good time and a joke. She is the perfect mix of her siblings. A little bit of Arabella, sweet and considerate, a pinch of Chloe, clever and persevering, much like Sophia, a party girl who wants to enjoy life and Charlie, everyone desires her and she is very funny. But don't get her wrong or cross her. She has full on beyotch mode stored inside. Don't cross the Russian.
✧ strengths/weaknesses : 1) Cheerleading, swimming, ballet, dance, English, art, all languages, sports, maths, science, drama, music, singing, gymnastics 2) good looking men, alcohol, chocolate, technology.
✧ invite only clique preference : elites ^-^
✧non invite only clique preference : beaumonts
- - - -
✧ activeness : 1001%
✧ anything extra? : no, not yet anyway.
✧ six favorite possessions? : 1) her tiny black kitten named Araminta with soft black fur and dazzling emerald green eyes. She's like her baby, she got .
her when in the summer. 2) her pure white iPhone 5 with an array of designer and custom made cases. She cant live without this she isn't glued o it but it's important she have it in her bag to whip out and text, tweet or update a status. 3) Irina owns a shiny white 2014 Porsche cayenne turbo with creamy leather interior and all the latest gadgets. She adores this car and takes care of it with her uber perfectionist skills. 4) her white MacBook Pro with a collection of different coloured cases. Without her laptop how would she stay connected to her life. 5) her Tiffany & Co diamond heart shaped locket that each of her and her siblings have. 6) like a true princess her entire closet is her sixth most prized possession with its fully stocked collection of designer clothes. With the most recent items of clothing and stunning vintage it's everything a girl could want.
✧ sample roleplay :
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