iris beckett. / before.

This is basically for an english project. We had to create a character, so mine is a girl named Iris Beckett from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She's surrounded by everything a girl could want. A lovely and spacious apartment, all the shoes and Chanel bags daddy's money can buy, an amazing school, a family with close ties to Yale University, best friends, and a boyfriend.
But Iris wants anything but that. She hates it all. The plastic smiles, the fake laughs, the sadness and fear hidden by designer shoes and a cake of makeup. Her friends and parents scowl at anything other than their perfect little world where everyone goes to an Ivy League school and more money than anyone could ever hope for in their pockets. She wants to go to art school, the Pratt Institute, but she's having trouble breaking it to everyone and basically having to start over her life on her own.
This is the before section. Before she gave up everything she had in the Upper East Side and moved to Brooklyn with little money from her parents and a portfolio of sketches. It was all she had.

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