Iris Perdue

Iris is human. Nothing fancy, just human. Kind of posh, quintessentially British, pretty but increasingly plump, with a tendency to live off of tea and biscuits and live in mumsy clothes, or, she did, until Fia gave her wardrobe a revamp. Vamp being the key word.
Iris is the team mama wolf, and very lovely. She's posh and well versed in most forms of lit, history and culture, philosophy and theology, ancient languages and demonology. She's prim, a ditz, an eccentric, and about as mean as a marshmallow. She lives with her head in the clouds. For some reason this sweet woman managed to fight off a host of sumerian demons when they possessed the team she was leading in translating an ancient text. Hence how she joined the team.
Iris is the team demonology expert, but she rarely works in the field, because she's a genius, but not a realist in any way. She's currently kind of dating Ramiz, who she met via a blind date. They aren't a good match, but she can't resist his odd charms.
She likes inventing new ways to protect against threats, human and magical - not that these things always work.
More stuff coming soon
PB: Rachel Weisz

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