Iris Redfield: Winter Wardrobe pt. 1 {A ITDRP Collection}

Iris Elektra Redfield
age 15, 5th year Gryffindor
Iris's personal style is a mix of styles - but some of the main things she is inspired by is some of those females around her, as well as a somewhat dark-folksiness and the character Rogue from X-men. From time to time, she dips into some Elektra/Daredevil inspired outfits, but its not often. A lot of the time, she keeps gloves on - not wanting to really have skin-to-skin contact with people, and she tends to cover up most of her skin - so if she's not wearing pants, she's got tights on. Her personal style tends to be rather grown up for being only 15 years old, but it just makes her comfortable in her own skin - feeling older than she actually is.

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