Alrights, so I just feel like I'm not as "social" with all you Polyvorians. So, to start over, I'll just go by listing 24 amazing facts about me. [:

1- I am a sucker for Forever21, end. of. discussion.

2- A really big pet peeve of mine is when men snort up their own snot. Ahh, it's so revolting! 

3- I'm slowly becoming more and more... organized? Yeah, I guess you could call it that.

4- I really don't like texting. I know, I must be abnormal or something, right?

5- Electric blues and soft pinks are the best colors to wear.

6- I adore sheer black tights. [: Their so chic and what not. They bring the whole outfit together, you know?

7- I am a fan of Vampire Weekend and Shia Lebouf [sp?] 

8- Florals and cardigans are THE bomb.

9- I don't like applesauce. I guess it has something to do with the texture... who knew?

10- I'm a total night owl. Not a partier [sp?] but I just love to stay up late.

11- Reading is fun [:

12- Music pretty much sums up my world... [and Polyvore!] hahh.

13- This "about me/fact's list" is turning into my personal opinions instead... pfft, oh well. [Does that count as a fact?]

14- I always love to tuck tee's and tanks into skirts or shorts. It just looks better, I guess.

15- The beach is my home. [Oh! And I'm learning to surf :]

16- Give me a stick of Extra gum and I'll be happy.

17- I once wanted to die my hair red. Hmm, considering I'm a "golden blonde" that would look... strange.

18- I enjoy making people laugh.

19- I'm worrying more and more about my comfortability over how "cute" I look. But it's still a MAJOR priority [:

20- I have a chihuahua and a papillon! < look it up [:

21- Leighton Meister's pretty cool.

22- Fashion blogs are awesome.

23- Jon & Kate Plus 8 is fun [:

24- I'm a very picky, argumentative, loyal, wacky, daring, hard-to-get, deep, adventurous, eccentric, vivacious, crazy, christian girl [:
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