"What He Wrote"- Laura Marling
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24. What is your eye color?
Blue, green, grey, hazel :)

25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
Duh, I'm an American

26. What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
Mint chocolate chip and cookie dough....together YUM!!!

27. Describe the outfit you wore yesterday.
Torn jeans cuffed a purple tee with a fish on the back and an oversized flannel shirt like around my waste and ed hardy sneakers. I liked the outfit actually cause it looked grunge, but it was just my three hour drive clothes.

28. Do you wear makeup?
foundation sometimes like if i have a breakout and very occasionally lipstain or mascara.
29. What's your favorite food?
I really like Korean.

30. What's your favorite song at the moment?
Idk I really love "Romeo And Juliet"-by Dire Straits
I haven't been listening to it non stop, but I love it or a song by The KIllers.

1. name; Calina 

2. something that not many people know you own:
A Pat the bunny doll who is a very dear friend of mine. And since we're friends I don't really own him.

3. what you're eating/drinking right no: nothing, but I was eating pizza a minute ago.
4. favourite piece of jewellery or clothing; Combat boots or this lovely necklace my mom gave me for christmas.

5. your current desktop background; Hugo and Felix White. It's a really good photo.

6. your favourite poster on your wall: I actually only have pictures of 1D on the wall, I need more stuff, but I really like this one of Niall and Liam on an air plane.

7. your favourite thing that you own: My cat!!!

8. Your favourite CD and/or DVD: I love Wall Of Arms by The Maccabees, even though I don't own it Born To Die by Lana Del Rey-- I love that one!

9. the last person you talked to: My dad kind of except for handing my sister the phone and being like "Hey Emily, it's daddy"
10. what do you think is your best facial feature:
My head shape
11. are you loud or quiet when you're mad/upset/etc: Depends, if I'm like really pissed- and I really hate this btw- I cry. :(

12. who's the last person you hugged: my mom :)
13. favourite movie: sorry, I have three: Random Harvest, Defiance and About A Boy.
14. three things you'd like to say to someone that you've been hiding; Hiding as in I didn't tell them though I wanted to?
-This conversation makes me uncomfortable
- I think you're cute/ I want to be friends with you
- lighten up and find a sense of humour ( I might say that one yet)

15. who is the last person you kissed: my cat

16. did you think of a certain person when asked #15? My cat.......

17. you can have one of the follow two things, Love or Trust: like romantic love? idk If it was really love some mesure of trust would come right? Even though trust seems like awesome, I'll go with love. 
18. when was the last time you told someone honestly how you felt, regardless of how difficult it was: idk I'm very secretive with my feelings. I hate people knowing too much about me or my life.

19. name the five main things you look for in a guy; bad-assness, a good voice, nice to be around, protective (in a sweet way), really kind, even though it's perfectly fine with me if he's rough around the edges. 

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