When I make something on Polyvore, I like to have an idea before I start. To this one I thought about losing someone you love. It can be a breakup with a friend, a grandma who passed away, or someone you just miss for the moment.
The good thing about this, is that everyone can relate to this. It doesn’t looks the same for everybody, but everyone has their own story. 

This set is about a teenage girl who's lost someone close. And when she also died, and went up to the sky, she couldn't find her love even though he was there. 

The idea behind this is that everything that means something, isn’t always in front of your eyes. The girl thought she missed her love, but she couldn’t see him when he was in front of her. Just because he has become an angel. 
The girl wasn’t an angel because she wasn’t that nice and understanding. She thought she loved him for what’s inside, but she could’t see him as something else that he looked on earth. 

The moral of this story is that you should treat everyone the same, without judging them for their looks. Really cheesy, I know, but I know that it’s true. 
Sometimes the ugliest guy, treat you like his princess.

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