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Hyewon’s POV

I laid in my bed lazily, looking through Hyeri’s photobook when she traveled to Japan. Hyeri was on her computer, lipsyncing to annoying love songs.
“Ya! Can’t you listen to anything else? My ears are about to explode.”
“Sorry, I can’t help it. I keep thinking about Minhyuk.”
“Well then go and talk to him or something...”
“But I’m waiting for him to contact me. I don’t know if you realize it but today is White Day!”
“White Day? Already?” I guess that explained why nearly all the girls at school were so happy holding random candies today.
I quickly jumped from my bed, grabbed some clothes and rushed to the bathroom.

Several minutes later and.. “Wow, you got ready fast.” Hyemi said. “Are you going to see Jonghun?” She said with a cheesy smile.
“No! I mean... I don’t know.. I just feel like leaving.....” I tried thinking of many excuses. “You’re music is too loud for me to concentrate on anything!” I blurted before leaving the room.

“Oh man.. where am I going?” I said to myself as I was walking down the hallway. I see some boys knocking on other girls’ doors. Couples holding hands and looking ridiculous doing aegyo towards each other. Candy, everywhere! I quickly sneak all the way over to the instrumental room. The door was locked which obviously meant the Enigma boys were in there practicing. Now what? Do I just stand here and wait like a loser? It’s not like Jonghun will be coming out with a big lollipop in his hand for me or anything...

Suddenly the doorknob started to turn and unlock itself. I quickly ran and stood behind a music stand, hoping to be unnoticed. I then heard the boys laughing and chatting like typical boys do.

“WOW. NO WAY. Is that who I think it is?” That familiar voice sounded behind me.
I closed my eyes and wished just for that moment I could somehow turn invisible. Coming here was a mistake!

“Annyeong.~” He poked my forehead. I opened my eyes and see Jonghun looking straight at me.
“What? Why are you here bothering me?”
“Bothering you? I’m not the painting major roaming around in the music halls!”
“My ring!” I shouted. “I’ve been looking for my ring! I lost it here!”
“When did you lose it?”
“Um.. today... I was walking and...”

I stopped talking when I had realized how close Jonghun was to me. His mere presence was making me feel nervous and uneasy. I was afraid he could start to see through my ridiculous lies. I slowly walked backwards to make more space between us. But OF COURSE I had forgotten about the music stand behind me.

“Omo!” Jonghun grabbed my hand and pulled me in his arms to prevent me from falling over. I quickly moved away from him but, he was still holding my hand.

“I found it!” He pointed to the ring I was wearing.
“Oh... yeah... you found it... silly me...” I said sarcastically.

“Awesome. Now if you don’t mind, I need to get going to my date!”
“Date????” I sounded surprised.
“What? Jealous? It’s movie night for Enigma.” He smiled.
“Oh.” For a second there I was about to have a mental breakdown...
“See you later when you decide to stalk me again!” Jonghun winked at me before running off.
“Yeah...” I mumbled. No.. candy? Was this really how my White Day was going to end?

Afterwards I went to the convenience store. I felt a little embarrassed for buying candy for myself but I got some anyway. Plus, maybe my friends who never got candy would like some too....

I came back to the dorms. Hyeri was gone, and I was left alone. I placed the bag of candy on my bed and immediately noticed something strange placed by my pillows. It was a red rose, and a cheap package of gum! Is this... is this real life? I mean... is this who I think it’s from?? Can I just scream like a 12 year old fangirl right now?

Thankfully since I was all alone in the room, it was safe for me to squeal like a little girl. I then immediately scraped up the rose to read the little card attached to it:

“To: Bubblegum Princess”
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Wrote 4 years ago
Love the candy!

Wrote 4 years ago
ㅡㅂㅡ hehehehehe cute~

Wrote 4 years ago
oh, I love this couple:)

Wrote 4 years ago
@checkmybrain Gosh, I'm really stupid with names lately.. seriously, what is wrong with meee. I swear I knew that! xD Don't worry though, I fixed it! ^^;



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