Alot of people really, quite strongly dislike BMTH, and decide to express their hate on the fans. But meh, each to their own.
 If people decide to preach over how much they detest a band, then that's okay.. because in the end, BMTH IS pretty sucsessful, and they're touring and they have at least 4 albums released. So no matter how many times you decide to repeat that they're "shite" and "can't play guitar for shit" they still must be doing better than you are, no?

Like, the amount of times their songs cheered me up is impossible to count! I was listening to a song of theirs in the car, and i was already angsty to make a set with their lyrics; because they're just so.. nice.
 I really don't give a damn about the band's image, person lives, drug problems or anything worth of "hype" i literally just love the music & lyrics, so hang me, if you so wish.
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