Isabella of Savoy (11 March 1591 – 28 August 1626) was a daughter of Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy and Catherine Michelle of Spain. Her maternal grandparents where Philip II of Spain and Elisabeth of Valois, her paternal grandparents were Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy and Margaret of France, Duchess of Berry. She was the Hereditary Princess of Modena, dying before her husband succeeded to the Duchy of Modena in 1628.

Isabella was born in Turin to Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy and his wife Infanta Catherine Michelle of Spain, a daughter of Philip II of Spain and Elisabeth of France.

In Turin on 22 February 1608 she married Alfonso, Hereditary Prince of Modena (son of Cesare d'Este and Virginia de' Medici), this was a happy marriage, Alfonso was loving and loyal towards his wife. Within two years Isabella bore Alfonso a son, Francesco who would one day succeed his father as Duke of Modena and Reggio. When Isabella died on 28 August 1626 Alfonso was heartbroken, he never remarried and died in 1644. She died as a result of childbirth and before her husband became duke so she was never Duchess of Modena.

Isabella and Alfonso had fourteen children in all:

 Cesare d'Este (1609–1613), died in infancy;
 Francesco d'Este (1610–1658), future Duke of Modena; married Maria Farnese, Vittoria Farnese d'Este and Lucrezia Barberini, all had issue;
 Obizzo d'Este (1611–1644), Bishop of Modena;
 Caterina d'Este (1613–1628), nun;
 Cesare d'Este (1614–1677), died unmarried;;
 Alessandro d'Este (1615), died in infancy;;
 Carlo Alessandro d'Este (1616–1679), died unmarried;;
 Rinaldo d'Este (1618–1672) Cardinal;
 Margherita d'Este (1619–1692), married Ferrante III Gonzaga, duca di Guastalla;
 Beatrice d'Este (1620), died in infancy;
 Beatrice d'Este (1622–1623), died in infancy;
 Filiberto d'Este (1623–1645);
 Bonifazio d'Este (1624), died in infancy;
 Anna Beatrice d'Este (1626–1690), married Alessandro II Pico della Mirandola and had issue; Isabella died giving birth to her.
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Create Your Fantasy World

Create Your Fantasy World

This group is like no other group on Polyvore! Make your own world through a series of prompts (not a roleplay). READ THE ENTIRE PROFILE before you join. Be a part of something amazing!
Press "Ask to Join" and then please PM me and tell me that you read the group profile so that I know you will not post sets inconsistent with the theme. I'm sorry to be a pain, but for whatever reason, I'm getting TONS of fashi0n accounts that want to join, not read the guidelines, and then spam the group with fashi0n and beauty sets. It's taking up a lot of my time to try to moderate that, so just send me a quick PM to let me know you're on board and you know what's going on. Thanks! (If I invited you to join, then you don't need to send me a PM. I think it will automatically go through, and if not, I'll recognize your account name.)
In this group, different contests will guide you through creating your own world and the people who inhabit it. Sometimes you’ll have control over your characters’ traits, and at other times, you’ll be given a full character description and asked to show what they look like. Storylines are sometimes full plots but sometimes they’re just everyday situations your characters get put into. This helps make your world more real. Storylines are pre-written, so even though you'll have a chance to add your own creativity, it’s best to come in without a preconceived story you want to tell, but rather to build your world around the contest prompts as you get them.
Contests are designed in groups that pertain to a theme. There are 4 general types of contests: “character,” “setting,” “object,” and “storyline.” Usually, the first 3 types of contests will contribute to the 4th one.
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Starting in mid January 2017, we’ll be creating approximately 5 characters and 1 setting. We’ll have storyline contests sprinkled throughout where you can place your characters in the setting and have them interact. There will be approximately 3 storyline contests. The current theme started with Contest # 20.
Get ready for one of the creepiest characters you’ve had to create yet. Coming soon!
Just because the contests are designed loosely around a theme doesn’t mean that you have to do every contest in that theme in order to participate. Most contests are stand-alone, so you can do as many or as few as you like, whenever you like.
It’s suggested that you make a collection of all of your sets from this group in order to give your world cohesion and so that others can view it. You can give your world a name in the collection.
We have our own hashtag – #yfw! (Your Fantasy World)
This is a small but great group of very talented and very nice people, so I hope you will join us and feel at home here.
Post your fantasy-related sets here, even if they don’t have to do with Your Fantasy World, including art, interiors, dolls, etc. -- basically anything except for fashi0n or beauty sets.
No profanity, self-harm, or nudity. No fashi0n sets. No beauty sets.
This group was adopted on July 13, 2016.
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. all of your sets .

Feel free to join (:
- emma.

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Are you ShopCurious?

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Amazing Outfits (Outfit Only)

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