Isabella's New Style;; O3+31+13

so i've decided that i want to get more of a indie-hipster-boho-preppy-grunge chic look than my past only-preppy style. these are some items that i thought were cute and fit into my new style.
i looked through my clothes and picked out the ones that don't fit or don't work with my new style and i'm going to donate or sell them. and yesterday, my mom and i went shopping, and i bought some new clothes like these c:

Taggies;; ☼
@wreckthisxoxo // *special tag is under construction*
@jojo343-1 // i like your set outfits! they're cute. c:
@peepsco98 // don't worry, i'm confused with life too. cx
@aye-its-jade-bro // da coolest ninja ever!!!
@loviedove1759 // so i totally love all of the outfits that you do in your sets! they're so cute and i would wear them if i actually had places to go XD
@lollipop20018 // yay, you get a special tag! so basically i like your sets because they're a complete mix of different things like templates, outfits, and just things that you like!
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