Isabelle Detourie

♡ Name: Isabelle DeTourie
♡ Nickname(s): Isabelle, Izzy
♡ Age (14-16): 16

♡ Dorm choice: Dauntless
♡ Fear(s): Nothing, she is after all, dauntless.
For the three below please choose from this list:
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♡ Species: Shaman (female)
♡ Primary/Additional Power: Premonition
♡ Basic Power(s): Potion Making, Sensing

♡ Appearance: In the polyvore, deary
♡ Personality: Isabelle is seductive and charming, kind and considerate, elegant and self assured. Loving and caring at times, she can be one of the most gentle girls you have ever met. But when you get on her bad side, everything changes. She becomes a cold hearted b!tch that will destroy you. Whoever said words could never hurt you obviously had never met Isabelle. She is also sweet, almost to a point that it is sickening. She has great taste (style) and only picks out designer things. Occasionally she will go and wear some un-branded things, but not often.
♡ Biography (detailed): On a busy night at the hospital, Isabelle was born. Her brown eyes enchanted people with their warmth, surprising everyone by the wisdom shown in them. Her wisps of dark red hair were as soft as a feather, and her features adorable. She started preschool when she was four. She advanced in the subjects, a little over-average for the kids in the preschool. She advanced, growing smarter as she herself grew. She started dancing when she was 6. Already having the body of a dancer, a petite form, she excelled at that also. She was like the star of a never ending show. She got the highest parts in plays, she sang solos at spring and winter concerts, she moved up in everything. When she was 10 she moved from her beautiful home town of Miami to the streets of San Diego. She loved it there, though. She was welcomed there, but occasionally went back to their house in Miami. She has a little brother, who she loves more than anything else in the world. She would do anything for her family. They mean the world to her.
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  • Hospital nurse and patient
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    "In her future, she wants to be a nurse. She wants to major in nursing, especially in the nursing that involves babies." — @diamondskyes
    MODEL RELEASED. Hospital nurse and patient. Nurse writing a patient's notes. She is asking questions about age, weight and allergies. Photographed at the American Hospital of Paris, France.

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