Isadora Seraphina Mirelle Chambers

Name: Isadora Seraphina Mirelle Chambers
Age: 18
Hometown: Kotor, Montenegro but moved to New York
Major: Music
Appearance: Lily Collins
Personality: Isadora is compassionate, kind, and caring, though she's somewhat of a loner. She genuinely cares about people but is shy and can sometimes enjoy solitude. Isadora is big on trust and loyalty and will do anything for someone she loves.
Bio: Isadora grew up with her mother in Kotor, a small but rich town in Montenegro. In spite of her riches and her mother's international success, she's unhappy with her life. She, her mother, and her older brother Ryland moved to New York when she was thirteen to help expand their mother's career. The move increased their wealth, but also threw them into the world of the elite. Suddenly everyone was watching Isadora's every move and expected nothing short of perfection. However, her mother has always encouraged her to be her own person, so now Isadora is attending NYU.

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