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feat. Frida Gustavsson 

Well I got really behind on my tags so, even though I'm a couple of weeks late, I decided to do as many as I could in one, if that's possible.

So I was tagged by @jesika-jc, @stylistish, @shift and used the cat photo and the "just hug me already" text, and also by @dayanna so here it is:

1. Your name: Coco
2. Your age: private
3. Your birthday: February 9th
4. Your hair color: black
5. Your eyes color: brown/black
6. Your height: 5'1" (and a quarter inch =) )
7. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: No
8. If you said yes what´s his/her name?: none
9. Are you in love with someone?: nope
10. Do you have brothers or sisters?: yes
11. If you have what´s their name?: well one of them is @london-rose
12. Your fav color: hmm i don't know really 
13. Your fav food: don't know, but i love pasta as a meal, and brownies or ice cream for dessert =)
14. Your fav sweet: kit kat or twix 
15. Your fav color: same answer
16. Your fav pair of shoes: i love espadrilles
17. Your fav clothes: jumpers (with stripes or elbow patches)
18. Your fav actor: Hmm... I love Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt 
19. Your fav actress: I love Anne Hathaway and I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting
20. Your fav movie: The Notebook among others 
21. Your fav tv show: Is this the same question as below?
22. Your fav tv series: Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood, PLL, The Lying Game, Modern Family, White Collar, Covert Affairs, and many more... Oh, and I'm really into The X Factor this year (the UK and US version)
23. Your fav movie soundtrack: idk
24. Your fav singer (male): Ed Sheeran
25. Your fav singer (female): Taylor Swift
26. Your fav band/group: ONE DIRECTION <3 But I also like The Script and We The Kings 
27. Your fav song: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction and many others... 
28. What kind of music do you like?: IDK, it can be kinda random... not really into rap so much though
29. What kind of movies do you like?: comedies, action/adventure, romance
30. You fav model (male): don't know
31. Your fav model (female): Karlie Kloss, Frida Gustavsson, Lindsay Wixson, Abbey Lee Kershaw
32. Your fav tv president (male): none
33. Your fav tv president (female): none
34. Your fav politician: not really into politics
35. Your fav book: Hmm many... The Help, Secret Life of Bees, Don't Die My Love, Love Story...to name a few
36. Your fav writer: don't really have one
37. Your fav book series: Harry Potter, Twilight, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, The Summer I Turned Pretty, etc.
38. Your fav animal: dogs i suppose
39. Do you have a pet?: two labradoodles =)
40. What brand is your sunglasses: don't know
41. Do you have a nickname?: kinda
42. If yes what is it?: Co
43. Do you ever killed someone?: No
44. Do you ever steal?: No 
45. Do you like football?: Ha...no.
46. Who is your fav player?: none
47. Do you like basketball?: no
48. Who is your fav player?: don't have one
49. Can you lick your elbow?: no
50. Your grade in Math: don't quite know what this means
51. Your fav subject: don't know
52. Your worst subject: I hate World History
53. Have you ever eaten paper?: no
54. What do you want to be when you´re older?: not so sure yet 
55. What time is it?: 8:15 pm (aka time to get back to doing hw)
56. The last word that you say: don't know...
57. Do you like hats?: yes but don't wear them 
58. If you´d have to be a monster - which one?: idk
59. Choose a number: 3
60. CHOOSE: romantic novel or history book: romantic novel
61. Where are you from?: US
62. Favourite saying: you mean quote? I don't know... maybe "Happy girls are the prettiest" - Audrey Hepburn 
63. Do you believe in God?: Yes 
64. What would you like to be if you were not human? I don't know... a dog?
65. The historical person who you like the most:? does Coco Chanel count? ;)
66. Tell words starting with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z: Erm no thanks
67. What are you listening right know?: Nothing at the moment but I was listening to Ed Sheeran before 
68. Fav kind of ice cream: cookie-dough, Ben & Jerry's half-baked
69. Fav computer game: none
70. Fav actor in tv series: maybe Matt Bomer in White Collar
71. Fav actress in tv series: @dayanna said Sandra Oh and I might agree with her... not so sure... 
72. Fav role in a tv series (male): Neal Caffrey (White Collar), Phil Dunphy (Modern Family), Derek Shepherd (Grey's Anatomy) 
73. Fav role in a tv series (female): Cristina Yang (Grey's Anatomy) I guess, oh and I think Temperance Brennan (Bones) is quite an interesting character
74. Fav flower: idk roses?
75. Your worship song: don't quite know what this means
76. Fav cartoon (male): idk
77. Fav cartoon (female): idk
78. Fav fantasy creatures: Dobby? lol idk 
79. Fav drink: water, apple juice
80. Fav musical: well I've only seen one which I know is kinda lame, but so I don't really have any 
81. Fav amusement park: don't know... enjoyed Hershey Park when I was younger
82. Attraction at the amusement park: Idk
83. Weather: favourite: sunny
84. Do you like summer?: yes
85. Do you like winter?: only when it's snowing and around christmas time 
86. What about spring?: yes
87. And fall?: yeah why not 
88. Which famous villain from a novel you´d like to be?: don't know 
89. Have you ever won a competition?: yes
90. If yes what?: well does on polyvore count?
91. Looking for something at Google?: not at the moment, but normally yes 
92. What is supposed to represent your avatar?: on polyvore? a picture of blair and serena from gossip girl
93. Would you rather be a princess or a witch?: definitely princess 
94. Are you really good at school?: yes I suppose though I'm not very happy with some current grades at the moment 
95. You read magazines?: well i love Teen Vogue, but no longer have a subscription so no not really
96. Your fav magazine: Teen Vogue I suppose
97. Which cell phone do you have?: An OLD Nokia one
98. Do you have freckles?: like one or two maybe 
99. What´s your best friend name?: @kokodelourve =)
100. tag here some people you like here on Polyvore that you think they are good friends.

I tag:

...and anyone else who wants to do it! Sorry if you already did or don't want to do it--I tried to check to make sure no one specifically said on their profile that they didn't do tags, but might have missed it... Have fun! xx
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