Nel&trents rehearsal dinner. 
Everyone was eating ice cream. They all looked happy. I went outside with the bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough in hand. I sat down on a bench over looking the pool and mini-waterfall twinkling down. Lights appeared to come on moving with the water. Loads of my friends have gotten married. I was happy that Nel has found someone so amazing for herself. They made getting married look like so much fun. I glanced up into the windows. Sure, enough Nel and Trent were dancing by it. I sighed as I took my heels off. I got up from the bench and began walking endlessly into the water. Splashing about with my legs.

I felt someone grab me from behind. My body went limp. Hands covered my eyes. "I missed you" a voice rang out. My heart started beating faster. Thank god it was Gavin's voice. I was shaking. "I'm sorry I scared you" he said unmasking his hands from my face, turning me around to look at him. 
"no its my fault, I had alot on my mind - just caught me off guard, I suppose" I said with a shrug. He kissed me then handed me a letter.

the letter from my dad.

I still haven't read it. "c'mon Easton, when are you going to open it? aren't you dying to find out what it contains" He said this as if he had no care in the world. Like a little boy asking his mom for a dog - jumping up and down with excitement. 
"I'll open it but I don't want you there when I do" I said. He started backing up.
"Gavin!" I said towards him running off.
ugh. here goes. I began opening the sealed letter.
My heart beating at what I was about to do.
"I can't believe it" I sighed.
I rushed inside and headed towards the bar. "thanks alot Gavin" my mind seemed to think. 
"whiskey sour" I said to the bartender.
Johnny came up to the bar. 
"wow, whiskey sour, really?' he said to me. 
We haven't spoken since the accident and thats what he says to me.
I just nodded. I noticed I was clutching the letter in my hands still. My hands turning a whitish hue that wasn't normal. I sighed and placed it into my bag.
"bad news?" he asked, as I did so.
I couldn't help but laugh.
The rest of the night went smoothly - thankfully.
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Wrote 6 years ago
This is really cute!!

Wrote 6 years ago
wow... moltoo bellooo

Wrote 6 years ago
love the dress and shoes!!!!

Wrote 6 years ago
LLLLLLOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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