Tuesday night I was checked into a rehab facilty in Copengaen. I don't really remember a lot other than not wanting to look at Jake to see the disappointment in his eyes.
That was three days ago and since then I had really hit rock bottom. I had always been afraid of people leaving me,however I had left this time. I had voluteered myself in here. I could check myself out at anytime but I wasnt going to until I knew I could go back.
I woke up every morning at 6 for counciling. Then after talking to Dr. Meyers I had breakfast. There were group sessions all day. I knew I wasnt the worst off but I was currently the celebirty here. Some of the patients even wanted autographs. I excercised in the gym,swam in the pool,ate dinner and was back in my lonely room by 10 pm.
Thats when the pain would come. I missed Stormie and Jake.I missed my mom and brother. I missed all my friends. I was told I had fan mail but I wasnt going to read it or look at the web or tv at how much of a miss Isolde Fisher was.
I knew I screwed up,maybe thats why I was here.
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