isolde montgomery

+ josephine skriver
name : isolde auden montgomery
age : 19
hometown : new york
major : dance
appearance : josephine skriver
personality : isolde is extremely competitive. she will do anything to be at the very top, even if it means stomping all over other people with her petite point shoes. she's a ruthless bxtch and she's used to getting everything she wants. she's carefully detached from her conscience and heart. she regards the world in a rather clinical way, and she has barely any empathy. but she's at her best when she's dancing, and when everything falls away, she's actually kind of nice.
bio: being born in new york but spending most of her life in russia at an elite dance school, isolde is rather snobbier than the average person. she was raised in the frame of mind that she excels at everything she does. her parents are both well known, her father, an enormously wealthy stock broker and her mother, an actress who frequently appeared on the big screen.
extras : isolde is extremely athletic, having had it drilled into her after all those years she spent in russia. she plays tennis and volleyball and gets up at five for swimming and track. she's always on the debate team, voicing her opinions with ease to a large crowd.

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