It ain't what you got, it's what you make.

age; 17
god/goddess parent; Despoina
likes; horticulture, honey, homemaking
bio; When other Campers ask Melania Lamark about her heritage, she’s usually met with an unimpressed “who?” She then has to explain away the confused looks by listing her entire family tree, which includes such impressive names as her grandparents, Demeter and Poseidon, and her aunt, Persephone. Unfortunately, her full uncle is a magical talking horse and no one, not even the daughters of Poseidon (her other aunts?) has heard of her mother. Bizarrely enough, given what little Mel knows about her mother, her father is an open and down-to-earth beekeeper and auto mechanic from the swamps of Florida. She has no idea how they met. With her obscure bloodlines and low-income upbringing, Mel often feels like the charity case of Camp Circe. She dropped out of high school to help her father with their small farm; the two things she prides herself on are her strong work ethic and green thumb, the latter of which is literally supernatural. Melania could make a cutting of jade spring to life in a cup of bleach. She is more comfortable around alligators than dolphins and prefers the brackish water of the swamp to the crystal blue waters of Aeaea. This is her first year at Camp Circe, and she is having a hard time adjusting to the demigoddess life. Mel prefers tending her windowsill and deck full of plants, feeding the ‘manimals’, and gathering exotic fruits to tanning or training. In some backwards way, her low socioeconomic standing makes her feel morally superior to many of the other girls, who she assumes have never done a day of real work in their lives, but mostly she just feels tacky and uncultured in their presences. With her genuinely friendly but shy and pragmatic demeanor, Mel is trying very hard to make friends, but is mostly just ready to go back home and forget the whole semi-divine business altogether.
model; Chrishell Stubbs

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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
I love Melaina, Marzi!


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