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name: Madison Hutchins
quote: People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things

birthday: September 17 1983
place of birth: York
place of residence: York / Edinburgh / Leeds / London / Scotland Again.

schooling :
Fettes College [Boarding school in Edinburgh]
Criminology at University of Edinburgh 

Constable - North West Leeds division of the West Yorkshire Police. 
Temporary Detective Constable - North West Leeds division of the West Yorkshire Police
Detective Constable (Later detective inspector) : Serious Organised Crime Command Project Team- Scotland Yard
Detective Inspector : Homicide and Serious Crime Command - Scotland Yard

personality: Driven / Dedicated / Controlling / Compassionate / Fiery / Blunt / Flirty / Determined / Quick Wited / Caring / Ambitious

bio: To say Madison Ivanna Hutchins was born with a silver spoon in her mouth would be accurate. To say this gave her an attitude of entitlement and a btchy would also be accurate. To say that she sat on her laurels and relied on her family’s wealth to get by in life would be the biggest load of bs you’ve ever heard. Shipped of to the prestigious boarding school in Edinburgh that her parents met at, Madison’s goal in life was to be the best any way that she could, to prove herself more than a pretty face. This attitude stayed with her for the rest of her life, through university, her years as a police officer and promotion to detective Madison has strived to be better, faster and cleverer than both the criminals and her fellow cops. Whilst her personal life has been tumultuous, like it’s been lifted from the pages of a gossip rag, Madison has never once put a foot wrong in anything she tries. If she puts her mind at it she succeeds, from her job, to being a mother, to getting men to do what she wants. As she gets older though, perhaps Madison’s realizing this isn’t always a good thing.

Models: Sophie Turner / Evan Rachel Wood / Leslie Mann

family :
Gerard Hutchins / Sean Bean / Father
Katelyn Hutchins / Michelle Fairley / Mother
Estelle Hutchins / Maisie Williams & Gemma Arterton / Younger Sister

past/ current/ future relationships :
Michael Hardy / Dylan O’Brien / High School Sweetheart
Carter Atkinson / Matthew Gray Gubler / Boyfriend in her 20s
Logan Morrison / Matt Bomer / Husband
Collin Byrne / Sebastian Stan / ?

Sophia Urban / Zippora Seven + Lea Seydoux / Best-Friend
Detective Inspector Noah Lincoln / Richard Madden / Partner at Scotland Yard
Detective Chief Superintendent Bradley Nicholas / Nikolaj Coster-Waldau / "Boss" at Scotland Yard
Detective Inspector Karen Jenkins / Lucy Liu / Partner in North West Leeds

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Current Location: Scotland Yard
Date: October 13
Age: ?

A building full of police detectives shouldn’t be easy to sneak into. Even if I was only trying to get into work without being chastised for being late, it was easier than it should have been.

I’d have to have words with DCS Nicolas, if I could do it in a way that didn’t let him know I’d been late to work if I could. Perhaps given the circumstances Bradley would be lenient, however I would rather not find out.

I managed to get all the way to my desk without being spotted. Unfortunately, because he existed purely to make my life miserable Lincoln was leaning against my desk smirking.

“Good Morning Detective Inspector Lincoln.” I gave him a tight smile, dropping my bag onto the desk next to him, “How can I help you.”

“Good Morning Detective Inspector Morrison.” He returned with a cheeky grin.

“For the 100th time, Noah,” I dragged his name out, narrowing my eyes, and trying my hardest not to bite his damn head off “I’ve told you not to call me that. It’s not my name.”

“But your husband is Morrison no?” He asked, head cocked to the side. This was the last thing I needed this morning.

“Yes. And I’m Hutchins.” I replied shortly, fists clenching and unclenching by my sides, “Do you not have work you could be doing Lincoln?”

“Don’t you?” He retorted cheekily. 

“Yes. But you’re kind of in the way of my desk so kindly fcking move!” I snapped, the tight lid I usually had over my control slipping.

Lincoln looking quite taken aback which was pretty satisfying, “Alright Morrison chill out.” He rolled his eyes as he tried to slip past me.

I didn’t let him, reaching out to grin his wrist, nail digging into his arm “My name is not Morrison. It is Hutchins.” I hissed into his ears, “Get that through your dumb empty head.”

“Detective Inspector Hutchins.” Nicolas’ voice rang out, “Is there a problem?”

“No Sir, No problem.” I smiled a tight lipped smile in his direction as I let go of Lincoln’s arm. My fingers felt slightly damp, and it was with shock I realised my fingers had dug into his arm enough to make it bleed.

He cocked an eyebrow and regarded me cooly, “For some reason I don’t believe you.”

“I can’t help you with that. Sorry.” I retorted, wondering why Lincoln was still hovering, “sir.”

“I have a meeting to get to but I think we need to talk,” He didn’t back down. Which was kind of embarrassing it was like I was being called into the principals office in front of everyone, “My office. 3 o’clock. Understood?”

“Yes. Understood.” I said, refusing to add any sign of respect because I needed control.

“Both of you go clean up.” He said to me and Lincoln dismissively, “Then if you could do your actual job that’d be swell.”

I levelled one of my best glares at Lincoln before storming into the bathroom. I’d barely even started washing my hands before the door banged open and Lincoln was there.

“What’s up with you?” He asked nonchalantly, leaning against the wall and fixing me with an appraising look.

“This is the woman’s bathroom.” I pointed out cooly, 

“We’re Police. I think they’ve seen worse Hutchins.” He said cooly. But he’d called me Hutchins, the first time he’d done that in a non professional capacity. Usually he called me Morrison unless we were actually out on the job.

Somehow that small gesture, of actually listening to my request made me spill the truth “My husbands been offered a job in Boston for a couple of years. He wants to separate whilst he’s gone.” I laughed bitterly, “See other people or something.”

Glancing over to him out the corner of my eye I noticed he looked speechless. I guess there really was a first time for everything, I thought bitterly.

“I’m sorry Madison.” He said as I turned off the tap. The first time ever he’d called me by my first name. Today was clearly a day of firsts. “I don’t know what to say.”

“We’re not really friends Lincoln. There’s nothing to say.” I laughed bitterly, pulling paper towel from the dispenser perhaps more violently than possible, “I don’t need your fake sympathy.”

“It’s not fake.” He answered quietly, still leaning against the wall having made no move to clean the blood off his cuts.

“Fine. You really are sorry for me. Whoop de doo.” I took a deep breath trying to retain some sense of calm. Now more than ever I needed Sophia, which just made me feel even more alone. “So how about you start calling me by my actual name yea?”

“Of course.” He agreed immediately, “Anything.”

“That’s more than enough.” I smiled sadly at him before collecting my mask back in place, “I just need normality.”
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