ahhhh, love this song<3

(just skip to the end if you don't want to read all the pointlessness)

ok, so i've been awake all night, which is good ig because now i'll be able to sleep through the wholeeeeeeee night tonight.
AND, the reason for me not sleeping is because of my male-buddy-who-i-have-mentioned-before, logan. well.......... last night i went to his hockey game because he asked me to, and afterwards we went to his house for a little so he could take a shower. i met his dad, who was very nice ^_^
then when logan was done getting clean and whatnot, we went out to eat. i was damn hungry, my last meal was from dinner the day before lol. he payed for me, even though i tried to argue for him not to.
aw, just like, little things like that make him so much more cute.
there's a strip mall next to the place we went to eat so we walked around for a good while freezing our butt's off, but i didn't mind. he held my hand too, and idk, i started to get a feeling about what was yet to come.. lol.....
ummmmmmmmm, oh yeah and before we decided it was time to call it a night, logan was like "wanna see a movie? like breaking dawn or whatever it's called. not like i would know" hehehehhh, and i was like, right now? he said yeah, and i knew that he was just as tired as me because he'd just played a game, he had practice after school, and he just looked like he was going to pass out soon. so i said, i know you don't want to see a movie. & it's pretty late.
then he said, """i knowwwwww, but i don't want to go home yet, i haven't seen you all week. i missed you!"""
omg i died right there.
like did he really just say that. i mean my friends say that to me sometimes and im just like whatevaaaar.
but when logan said that i was just like http://myfacewhen.com/405/
but yeah, i reasoned with him, told him we have the whole week to do whatever :) and we left.

OKOKOK enuf of this boring stuff.
so when logan pulled up to my house, he walked me to my door as per usual. he usually hugs me, waits until i go inside, and leaves. but this time when we got to my door, we just stood there and looked at each other. it happened so fast, logan came a little closer and kissed me. i didn't even feel it, it was that quick. 
normally, me being me, i would hyperventilate, but there wasnt enough time for that lol.
then he hugged me, and i was still in a daze and didn't even hug him back. after i was done being awkward, we laughed about it, he kissed my cheek, wished me a merry christmas and left.

honestly idk where this leaves us but he's adorable. blond curly hair, green eyes, WAY out of my league. what the hell is wrong with him since he shows a remote interest in me lol?! i'm nothing special that's for sure.

...........[guys, that was my first kiss] :O
which is weird, i always anticipated it to be a LOT more awkward and all i can really think about is everything that was building up before it happened, and not the kiss itself.
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