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the l.a. complex audition

-name; Isabel Sharp
-nickname; Isa
-age; 22
-occupation; waitress
-Hollywood dream; singer/lyric writer
-likes; sweaters, big dogs, rain, discovery channel, chocolate, snuggling, parties, long hot baths, sequins, jeans, laughing, french
-dislikes; blind dates, alarm clocks, tornadoes, darkness (she sleeps with a light on!), how she blushes too easily, chemistry, spam emails, bugs, being scared, tomatoes, split ends
-personality; obedient, friendly, caring, has a good heart, naïve, unconventional, charming, unfocused
-style; Isa goes for cute and pretty; lots of sweaters, boots, pastels, jeans, flats and dresses, and sequins!!
Darren Sharp, 50
Her one hit wonder singer/song writer, divorced father who spends most of his time drunk in a dusty pub. He is no help and basically a waste of space. He occasionally gets a lot of younger women by convincing them he can help them further their careers. He doesn’t look a day past 39. He’s aged well.

Karen Sharp, 45
Isa’s mother is a kind soul so it’s a wonder why she ran off with Darren at 18 and pregnant. Karen’s family, the Freemen’s were influential, her father, a rich man, was a sponsor for countless movies but once Karen ran off with Darren, her parents dropped all contact with her. Karen was no longer a Freemen.

Lyla Sharp, 27
Lyla is the oldest of the Sharps and by far the most successful. She’s working her way to be attorney and has started a family. She has the most loving husband and cutest little boys. She thinks Isa’s dreams of being an actress are stupid and that Isa should just move on. 

Joseph Sharp, 24 (Jake Abel) If anyone wants to use him ever that’s cool!
Seph is the only one who is supporting Isa’s dreams; in fact she’s even crashing at his place for awhile. He acts. Isa tells him he’s going to make it big, but he doesn’t believe her but he’ll humor her why he can. 

-past/current relationships;
Cameron Michael, 25
model; Jamie Campbell Bower

Niko Covello, 28 
model; Milo Ventimiglia

-friends; who wants to be friends?? 
-bio; Isa is a ball of spunk, or that’s she tries to be. She tries to be the happy-go-lucky type but she doesn’t go all the way. She doesn’t ooze self confidence and she’s had one sexual encounter that left her feeling dumb and inexperienced and she never wanted to travel down that road again. Isa is cute and she smiles a lot with lots of genuine innocence. She doesn’t really understand what the real world holds and she has no idea how to be sexy or even really what that means. But she’s sweet and most people don’t want to throw her out on the road, in fact the only reason she got a job as a waitress is because the manager knew her sister. Her family life has been interesting but loving; she’s extremely close with her brother. She aspires to be a singer, but no one really believes Isa can make it. 
-model; brynja jonbjarnardottir
-taken by @young-grasshopper
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