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1. Favorite Male Character: Damon
2. Second Favorite Male Character: Stefan
3. Favorite Female Character: Elena
4. Second Favorite Female Character: Caroline
5. Least Favorite Male Character: Matt
6. Least Favorite Female Character: Vicki
7. Favorite Vampire: Damon
8. Favorite Human: Elena
9. Your biggest ship: Delena 
10. Couple you don’t ship: Damon & Katherine
11. Favorite episode season 1: Fool Me Once, Founder’s Day.
12. Favorite episode season 2: Masquerade
13. Favorite episode season 3 : I haven't seen it yet :(
14. Favorite Quote: 
Damon: It's Founder's Day. I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.
15. Favorite soundtrack: Leona Lewis - Run, Stateless - Bloodstream 
16. Best chemistry couple: Delena
17. Most romantic couple: Jeremy & Anna
18. Couple you wouldn’t mind if they end up together: Stefan & Caroline
19. Couple you would mind if they end up together: Tyler & Caroline
19. Favorite bad boy- good girl couple (or reverse): Damon and Elena
20. Favorite friendship: Stefan & Caroline
21. Favorite anti-relationship: Stefan & Katherine
22. Pair two characters that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple: Bonnie & Damon
23. Chararacter you would rise from dead: Anna
24. Which character is more like you: Elena
25. If you could be one of the cast members what role would you like to get? Elena/Katherine.
26. Books or Tv Show: TV Show
27. Vampires or Humans: Vampires
28. Favorite season so far: Season 1
29. If you could be in a romantic relationship with anyone from the cast who would that be? of course is Ian Somerhalder!!!!!
30. Damon or Stefan: Damon!!!
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