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Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

{Oh my goodness, it actually has stories! What is this black magic?!}

The forest was wonderfully quiet. The birds sang, and the soft, white snow muffled the sound of tawny lupine paws on the ground. 

The wolf's paws stopped between the roots of a tree and it lowered itself to it's haunches, panting happily as it surveyed it's surroundings. 

//About time I got out of the house,// Alyssa thought to herself, raising one caramel-colored paw and using her tongue to remove prickly snow crystals from the tender place between the pads. //How long has it been since I actually saw the sun for myself?//

She really didn't want to think about the answer . She'd been a bit of a shut-in for the better part of the winter, and it had really started to wear on her. She wanted to go see Deme, but she'd thought that it would be more productive to get some fresh air first. 

//I was right,// she thought smugly, throwing her nose to the air and breathing in the cool, clean scent of the forest. //For once,//


Argh. Argh. Argitty. Argh. Argh. 

Wyatt leaned back in his desk chair, the pencil between scraping dangerously close to his eye as he dragged his fingers through the tousled, tangled mess he called his hair. 

He had been drawing for hours. The drawing had to be perfect, and if it wasn't, well.... It simply wouldn't do. 

To make matters worse, he could only work on it while Rilee was out, and she would be home soon. 

//And you call yourself an architect,// he thought, grumbling under his breath as he reached across the desk for the large pink eraser sitting on one corner, emblazoned with the words 'for big mistakes'.

//Twelfth try is the charm,// he thought, sighing as he started to rub the eraser against the paper, cleaning away his last hour's work. //Or at least it better be. For the sake of my sanity,//

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