Gals I just got back from my weekend in the Big Apple. I had a blast! :) One of the strong trends out there in the street was fur and feathers... the stores are full of items with faux feathers and fur. There are even fabrics imitating the texture! All the fabulous girls (even the little ones) were wearing either, scarves, vests, jackets or coats made out of fur.
Personally... as an animal lover, I will never wear something made out of real fur (not even if I can afford it) so I am happy with all the alternatives that make you look just as glamorous and are affordable! 
I hope you are having a wonderful week my dearettes :)

"This or That?" for you all, answer the 20 fashion-related questions below truthfully so we can know more about your sense of style and your preferences!
1) Capes or trench coats? – Def trench coats. I am loving the new capes but I will always be a trench kinda gal.
2) Heels or boots? – Heels for summer and special ocassions and boots for the cold.
3) Stripes or animal prints? – Do I need to answer? STRIPES nuff said!
4) Handbags or clutches? - Clutches @ night and bags @ day time.
5) Sleeveless tops or blouses? - Blouses but with sleeves :)
6) Cardigans or jackets? - Def jackets... loved my leather jackets and blazers even before they became a trend!
7) Belts or scarves? - Scarves. I have a collection of nearly 100.
8) Dresses or top+skirts? - Dresses.
9) Trousers/pants or skirts? – Mostly pants but I have been becoming friendlier with skirts lately.
10) Nerd glasses or sunglasses? Sunglasses, even in winter or sunless days! Some gay friends in my school call me Miss Wintour LOL
11) Lip gloss or lipstick? - Lip gloss
12) Mascara or fake lashes? – Mascara. I have been blessed with long lashes so I just need a good mascara.
13) Eye liner or eye shadow? - Eye liner.
14) Hair tied up or hair down? – Both ;)
15) Buns or plaits? - None for nw. I have a bob but when my hair is longer I would saiy both :)
16) Gold or silver? – Silver
17) Neon colors or pale colors? – Pale.
18) Black or white? – Black
19) Purple or Red? – Red.
20) No fashion or Die? – No fashion. I do not believe in fleeting fashion but eternal style ;-)

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Do not feel obligued my dear friends...I know we are all short on time!

PS: I'l have to catch up with all my likes and comments...please be patient! Unfortuntaley it seems this is the last tag I can do. I'll be working a lot in my writing and I won't be having too much polytime :(
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