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Just a note of apology to any of my contacts who had a Top Set in the last month or so and did not receive a congrats from me. I always comment on my contacts when they have a Top Set. Apparently, Polyvore has removed them because on many of them I did a copy and paste and it was decided that was spamming. I simply find it easier to paste when I'm using the same phrase to congratulate and it says, "Congrats on Top Sets." So sorry for the mistake and now I know to type it out. I did it mainly when I got behind on Top Sets and was commenting 2-3 days worth at a time. As far as just commenting sets, they are individual (no copy/paste). I feel bad, because that is a significant number of sets that did not get my congrats comment. So sorry guys, but believe me, I did congratulate all my contacts on their Top Sets!!!
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